Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Food "Disorders": Open Wide, and Swallow

Laws are being created, and often times passed with ever increasing frequency that control the food and health related items such as supplements, etc. consumers buy, and, are offered. Alternative health care providers are constantly under attack. In some states it is illegal to collect rainwater -- it's considered theft."Frankenfish." Cloned meats. Radiated foods, foods shot through with artificial sweeteners, MSG. Flouride in the water. Vaccines. Health warnings propaganda. Laws that protect the Agri-Biz, not us. And in the aftermath of BP, and Japan's earthquake, and so much more, more and more laws are made that serve the corporations, and act against our right to choose what we will eat.

As part of  this massive campaign to control what goes into our bodies is the idea that finding fault with the above and choosing to avoid these kinds of foods is a "disorder."  In February of this year the news came out: if you're concerned with what is really in your food, you have a disorder.   Today's news items, flashed on Yahoo's daily news feed, reguritated this news with the following item: New Eating Disorders: Are They For Real? We will see more of these articles that would have us believing that rejecting plastic food is a mental illness in the coming months.

The article starts off reasonably enough. Adults who will eat, say, french fries and a few other foods --no one can say that's healthy, and agreed it's a bit odd. Those people have "Adult Selective Eating" disorder. But then the article gets to the point of this campaign to get Americans on board with this new so-called disorder, which even has its own name: "Orthorexics."
  • Orthorexics: Those affected may start by eliminating processed foods, anything with artificial colorings or flavorings as well as foods that have come into contact with pesticides. Beyond that, orthorexics may also shun caffeine, alcohol, sugar, salt, wheat and dairy foods. Some limit themselves to raw foods.
If the supposed health problems that can arise from this disorder doesn't scare you, maybe the fear of "social isolation" will:
Social Isolation: Being an adult picky eater can take an enormous social toll. Out of embarrassment, these folks avoid dining with friends or co-workers. Heather Hill tries to hide her eating habits from her children for fear that they will pick them up. Going to extremes in an effort to eat only healthy foods can also be socially isolating and can undermine personal relationships.
The article distinguished between two types of disorders. There is "adult selective eating," which is eating just odd stuff to the exclusion of other stuff, and the above mentioned "orthoexics." It's interesting how the article integrates the two into the above paragraph, merging the pickiness of the "adult selective eater" with the health minded individual. Which is which, yet, it doesn't matter. The two are blurred into one image: DISORDER. They're both crazy, and that's all the article intends to do: send the message that caring about the health effects of GM, radiated, artificially sweetened foods is actually unhealthy. In fact, if one "suffers" from orthoexics, one needs help:
Orthorexia: Cognitive behavior therapy designed to change obsessive thought patterns regarding food is usually recommended. 
And no doubt meds will be prescribed to soften the effects of this psychological aberration . . .

There is a specific campaign to control what goes into our bodies. Just this month there was an item in the news about a Chicago school district that banned home made lunches. Students are no longer allowed to bring their own lunches to school; the caferteria food is healthier, the school board has told parents.  Collecting rainwater is illegal in some places. Natural food stores, alternative health providers, organic farmers, have been attacked by authorities. Control and choice are being taken away from us, steadily and with intent. It is a persistent agenda that attacks from many angles. 

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