Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our Sickness: "Watch This Video"

I just have to comment; was over at ABC, and noticed on the right side of the page three little video snippets with their captions.

The first clip encourages us to "Watch this video" of a child's death; an accident in a park. Why the fuck would I want to watch a video of someone's child being killed? What is wrong with us? (I'm not linking to the clip for obvious reasons.)

The second clip was something like "College Student Gets Suckered Punched," which again, I don't want to see. Why these invitations to witness the violence and personal tragedies of individuals?

The third clip was on the nuclear reactors in Japan.

The juxtaposition of these clips, as well as their importance according to their place in the line-up, is chilling.

Speaking of placement; I noticed in today's local paper that there were only two small articles on what is happening in Japan, and those were on page three.

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