Sunday, February 6, 2011

Following the Signals's paper (Register Guard) had two unrelated (seemingly, at first) articles that aroused my conspiratorial minded self.

Be prepared for whenever the lights go out (Bill Husted:Cax newspapers) gives us advice on being prepared for power outrages. Good advice, and I plan to follow some of it. (As, indeed, we are in general terms.) The second article appeared in the Commentary section: How safe is too safe? with two sides of the argument debating the TSA and body scanners. Amazingly, the "pro" side is titled Learn to accept airport screenings as a layer of security. (Bogdan Kipling:
Much of her [Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano] timidity, it appears, may be linked to the vigorous attention of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, an organization known for its energetic protests every time a Muslim is singled out for screening.
The organization maintains that full-body scanners violate Muslims’ “religious and privacy rights” and that a Muslim woman should be patted down only by another Muslim woman.
he either ignores, or simply doesn't get, the real reason for Homeland Security, TSA, scanners, pat-downs, and all the rest: control. Under the guise of the real threat of terrorism, the actual agenda is manifested.

The constant hum of fear and anxiety getting louder, and presented as an acceptable reality. Security and personal invasions are here to stay, crazy weather and earth events are random and frequent.

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