Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More Bird Deaths, and Fish Kills

Since the first day I heard about the bird deaths in Beebe, Arkansas (the first of this recent cluster of bird deaths) I've been blogging about the strange, and not uncoincidental, deaths of birds and fish here on Octopus Confessional and my other blogs, mainly Animal Forteana and Women of Esoterica. Others have been busy commenting as well. The following is from Kithra, of Kithra's Krystal Kave. (Kithra is also a contributor to Women of Esoterica.) From Kithra's Krystal Kave: Bird, and Fish, deaths still unexplained, Kithra asks the same kinds of questions many of us have been asking. (Note that Kithra lives in the UK, which means the news of these bird deaths have crossed the pond, as they say.) Referring to the Arkansas bird deaths, Kithra asks, of the fireworks-er-thunder-storm-lightening-theory:
If fireworks killed them, why doesn’t it happen every New Year and why, especially, doesn’t it happen here in the UK every Bonfire Night! Nor does it happen here in heavy thunderstorms.
Kithra points out the explanation for the Kentucky bird deaths doesn't hold either; that explanation for the Kentucky occurrence is that confused birds flew into power lines, thus killing them.

Kithra mentions yet a new bird kill; as of today (January 5th, 2011) this time in "central Sweden," in the city of Falkoping. (More here.) The bird deaths were due to, once again, "fireworks" and, weirdly, this happened around midnight as well, as with the Beebe, Arkansas event.

Read the full article at Kithra's blog; she also discusses the fish kills, not only in Arkansas, but elsewhere.

So many speculations, from the insulting ridiculous (fireworks, power lines, thunder storms) to the conspiratorial -- some ridiculous, maybe, some not so much:  (HAARP, weapons, aliens, . . .) Whatever the reason or reasons, three things are sure: 1) These events are not coincidental, 2) The reasons are not mundane, nor isolated and 3) We need to pay great attention to these episodes, and understand that they have something to do with us.

On that last: we are not separate from other animals, we are not absolved of responsibility, or, of responding to, these deeply disturbing signals. For signals they are. Of the specifics, unknown, but it's clear it has quite a lot to do with our relationship, our connection, with our planet and all her inhabitants. Which, includes us, the human race.In some ways it's a moot point what the causes are: they are, and it's huge and terrifying and a clear message that things are very wrong.

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