Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mixed Messages and Elusive Reports: Parsing the Bird Fall Reports

<"a href="http://www.sure-start.com/now-dead-birds-found-in-louisiana/3673107">Estimates vary widely on the number of birds that fell to their deaths in Beebe, Arkansas over New Year's. From 1,000 to 5,000, roughly 500 in Louisana. Both of those reports are confirmed.

Then an unconfirmed report of a bird fall in Manitoba that supposedly took place where reporters were allegedly turned away. (I did a quick Google of Manitoba news sources and didn't find anything on this story.) And another unverified report of a bird fall in the loosely defined "South America." "South America" is a big place, where in South America? Well, the Before Its News site has an update on the latter:
 More bird deaths reported in U.S. Just days after thousands of blackbirds dropped out of the sky over a small town in Arkansas, another 500 birds fell to their death over a Louisiana highway.
Scarletwhore.com is getting reports of Bird deaths in Brazil, Argentina, Columbia.
"Brazil, Argentina, Columbia." That clears things up. The link on Scarletwhore.com doesn't lead to anything about bird falls in South America or anywhere else, instead, it takes you to one of those parked type pages. No info at all on any bird deaths.

Many questions surrounding these bird falls. Why are two unconfirmed reports floating around? And why the mixed messages, and mixed information, as to causes and numbers of birds killed?

Compare the reports on the first fall, which was the Beebe, Arkansas episode:
Arkansas State Veterinarian Dr. George Badley tells Today's THV that preliminary test results show thousands of birds died mid-air due to multiple blunt trauma to their vital organs.

" Its not that unusual but that many it make you think that its not a disease its something cataclysmic that happened all at one time," says Badley.

with today's local newspaper (Oregon's Register Guard) which reprinted an Associated Press article on the Arkansas (the first of these New Year's bird falls) event. (The on-line edition of the Register Guard did not include this article in their "Associaetd Press" line-up. In fact, I couldn't find it anywhere, even searching "Arkansas bird falls" in their search section.):
"They died from massive trauma," said Game and Fish Commission spokesman Keith Stephens. 
That came from the findings of the "state poultry lab . . . injuries were ... in the breast tissue, with blood clotting and bleeding in the body cavities."
The article goes on to list a few other bird kills -- and fish kills -- in the area since 1973, with "bad weather" being the main cause.

And yet, even as I'm writing this blog post, I find yet another bird fall story: this one in Kentucky. Not as dramatic as the other stories; just a dozen or less in one woman's yard, that seemed to have preceded the New Year's bird fall. Possible precursor of things to come in the Kentucky case?

What is interesting are the locations of the bird falls. If we include the unconfirmed Manitoba event, it's a basically straight line from Manitoba to Arkansas and Louisansa, with Kentucky to the east and north of the states, and east of Manitoba. All within a fairly close longitudinal range. (Can't speak to the South American events, since those remain iffy as to location at this time.)

The spin by news media is interesting; conflicting explanations, and lots of references to conspiracy theory buffs, which of course, in mainstream culture, equates to "nut job, pay no attention to that wild eyed ranting person." For example, this quote from Captain Eddie Cullum in Arkansas:
"I think the switchboard lit up pretty good," ... "For all the doomsdayers,[sic] that was definitely the end of the world." (Why did 3,000 blackbirds drop dead from the sky?, Jeannie Nuss,Associated Press, via Register Guard, January 4th, 2011

Back to the Register Guard's reprint of the Associated Press article Why did 3,000 blackbirds drop dead from the sky?, Jeannie Nuss, Associated Press.
This story is interesting for many reasons. First of all, the birds "rained out of the darkness onto rooftops and sidewalks..." at midnight, when residents celebrating New Year's Even noticed the birds falling to their deaths. Do the blackbirds and other birds included in this event fly at night? Not usually. The implication is made that they do, but later in the article, it's stated the birds were "rousted" from their tree top perches, which implies they were sleeping and rudely awakened by fireworks.

In esoterica, and even in what we call the real world, there are no coincidences. These events are certainly Fortean, but they are also clear signals that something alarming is occurring. Whether it's military, alien, or climate/earth related, these events are not only clear signals to wake up and pay attention, but to engage and take responsibility, even if it that means responding very differently from the "Huh, yeah, weird", body shrugging response being witnessed.

And, as a Trickster like response to all this; just as I was typing the last of the above, I heard a few loud firecrackers go off on my street.

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