Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Local Fox News on Bird Deaths

Watching the 10:00 Fox local news (a dismal, awful news show in general, with equally dismal "reporters") who teased with pre-show lead-ins they were going to talk about the "mysterious" bird deaths. So I'm waiting for that sure to be interesting segment; meanwhile, they open with sports, weather, school district stories and woes, the lottery, ah, now, the birds! No, wait, they just announced the story will follow the weather report.

Oh I can't stand it; now the two are standing there, -- the woman has her travel mug in her hand! -- they're chatting about electronic book readers vs. "old fashioned books," and the rumor Borders might close its store in Eugene. Now they're on to Netflix. I can't stand this this is a news program?????!!!!! But I digress.

Oy, now another commercial break. So far, we haven't heard anything about anything going on in the world, or the U.S., including the bird and fish die offs.

Now they're onto the Arkansas bird deaths, and video of what residents have to say about the fireworks explanation, which residents, and the Governor, aren't buying into. Images of a web page with words popping up on the screen: chemtrails, H1N1, disease, all floating there, as theories offered up by citizens. Travel mug reporter then encourages viewers to submit their own ideas about the bird deaths, just email her with your favorite theory. Fox "news"  mentions the Louisiana bird deaths, and end with what they opened with: a shot of fireworks going off, and the suggestion, again, that fireworks killed those birds as well.

Well, that's the news!

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