Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bird Falls: Fortean, Connected and Conspiratorial But Don't Panic

I'm not being facetious when I say "but don't panic." The global deaths of birds and marine life we've been seeing since right before the New Year (and they are continuing up to this very moment) are alarming.

It's true that falls of birds and other animals have always occurred. In an esoteric context, we know that, and Charles Fort famously documented such high strangeness deaths. "Fish kills" and flocks of birds dropping from the skies are not unheard of. And this fact is partly where the division has begun in what we've been currently witnessing.  Skeptics and the "rational"  causally inform us that these events are not all that weird, and, that there's no connection between them. The same tired mantras of the skeptics come out: humans are pattern seeking creatures, so we tend to see more than what's there in these recent global animal deaths. On the far end of this continuum we have the exploitative alarmist crowd; the Jeff Rense minded ones who are enjoying this in some perverse way. Unfortunately, it's the latter group that the former group holds up as the only version. The media gets involved and perpetuates the game; not caring to investigate, they merely report on these global events with glibness, and regurgitate the lightest aspects of these events. (How many close-ups of fireworks going off in a field, with blackbirds in the background,  do we have to see?)

Then we have the  end of the world apocalyptic religious types, who feel somewhat vindicated in a sick way that these deaths are happening. They're into all crazy living in the woods types; they're your co-workers and neighbors. Sigh.

Meanwhile, the reality is: these deaths are occurring. And truly, without aligning myself with any of the above mentioned groups, anyone who thinks these events are unimportant and unconnected is naive. In the context of what we've been experiencing for the past year or more, and certainly within the context of now, -- the series of bird and marine life deaths alone - these events are valid signals that something is very wrong.

It is also true that there is a cover-up of these events. To deny that there is  is also naive. Reasons  for the cover-up, the disinformation, the distractions, the omissions and marginalizations, are due to the usual reasons cover-ups of weird and immense phenomena occur. Authorities on various levels don't know why it happened; but they're not going to let on they don't know why it happened.  People at all levels want to keep their jobs, others are paid off -- the usual. At all times, a few points are reiterated: there's no connection between these events, they happen all the time, we love patterns, blackbirds, starlings, crows, etc. are crop damaging nuisances. To bolster these rational explanations, those that hold an opinion there indeed might be more than just "coincidence" are juxtaposed with "conspiracy theorists," and other derisive words: tin foil hat, UFOs, flying saucers, Bigfoot, paranoid, and so on.

Acknowledging these tragic deaths are occurring is not neccessarily join the ranks of the religious fundamentalists.

We need to pay attention and wake up. We need to hear; to listen. It's bad, and now maybe I'm being naive but as bad as it is I believe there is hope. Calling attention to these deaths and naming them for what they are doesn't always have to come from a dismal end of the world position. It's a fine line between feeding the negative energy and deflecting that energy. I get freaked out; and this has me freaked out. Much of what's been going on in the world for months now has me freaked out. That's not always a bad thing; to be freaked out. I can choose to continue to be freaked out and let that carry me away to an almost incapacitated state, or I can go in the other direction.

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