Friday, January 14, 2011

The Animals Are Signaling. . .

USFWS National Digital Library <br/>Fish Kill

Photo Credit: USFWS National Digital Library
Fish Kill
Lots of posts on my blog Animal Forteana on current events related to animals. These signals keep coming; from bird deaths to marine life die-offs, and more. Cricket virus that has affected the commercial cricket industry. Bull sharks swimming down Main Street in Australia. Every day is a new story of strange happenings concerning animals.
These are not isolated items disconnected from each other; or merely curious events that are "coincidental" and simply paranoiac pattern seeking episodes from both the conspiracy minded individuals and non-conspiracy minded alike.


  1. The left side of my brain is trying to see these anomalies are signs of ecological imbalance —climate change, pollution, maybe even the shift in the magnetic pole.

    And yet my right brain is inclined to see these events as a kind of omen of sorts. Like it might have a deeper symbolism we are yet to grasp

    Probably both perspectives are not in opposition.

    PS: Until this day I didn't know there was a "cricket industry"! ;)

  2. red pill junkie, you put it well. I have those same responses to these events...