Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Over the top propaganda: TSA Sings at LAX

     Just this morning, Jim was ranting about the Associated Press item in today's paper (Cost of Flying: Travelers resigned to scans,delays) about the "sheeple's" acceptance of the TSA tactics and "need" for scanners, intrusive body searches, etc. The article is a masterpiece of sheer propaganda. Stories intended to bolster our unquestioning acceptance of our fascist state: the story of a young girl who had her snowglobe gifts confiscated, yet found two more just like them for $11.00 each at the gift shop,(she paid just over $6.00 for the originals) quotes from passengers who are glad our nation is secure, and the married couple who fly separately so  their children won't be "instant orphans" in case of a fatal terrorist attack. There is also the trivialization of any would be critics: there is some "eye rolling" going on, which frames anyone who dares to question or complain as nothing more than a pouty pre-teen not to be taken seriously, not to be respected and not heard.
     The article highlights chosen phrases, separating them out; by doing this, the message is subliminal, yet strong. The young woman who had her snowglobes taken away, while annoyed, also understood. In fact, she:
She bit her tongue and obeyed.
     Those who question authority are nothing more than spoiled children:
There are still plenty of eye-rolling moments, however.
     Quotes from some who choose to drive instead of fly, but AAA insists there isn't a significant increase in this kind of travel. The article is full of quotes from people who accept the TSA's tactics because it's making us "safer."
     The protests across the country over the Thanksgiving holiday have ceased, according to the article. Those protests are termed as "revolt" and we're assured the majority of passengers are "behaving" and "obeying"
     Then, I come across the following item (thanks to piglipstick for the link) about TSA employees performing for waiting passengers at LAX. Yes, it's all about a joyful spirit as you wait in line to be scanned by DNA twisting, cancer causing machines (said machines owned by ) Not only are Christmas and holiday songs on the agenda, but patriotic songs as well; America the Beautiful, God Bless America, Battle Hymn of the Republic.  The TSA singers have other songs on their repertoire and it's not restricted to holidays, but the message is clear: TSA entertains and is our friend. 
"We've been taking a lot of heat for what we do" at TSA, said Perez, referring to body scanners and aggressive pat-downs of travelers. "We just put a new face on TSA — I think a positive face."
     This is so transparent, such an obvious and ridiculously surreal propaganda ploy it is amazing that they're getting away with it.
TSA choir has holiday spirit down pat at LAX -

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