Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Navy Joins BP in Food Propaganda

Astounding and surreal in its overt greed. Ray Mabus, Navy Secretary is urging all members of the armed forces to eat seafood from the gulf to show that it's safe. Working with the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board director Ewell Smith, Mabus has agreed to push this not only on men and women in the various branches of the military, but, Smith says, Mabus:
" in favor of the federal government buying seafood from the Gulf,”  who said he would like to see Gulf seafood as the choice throughout the public domain, “whether it’s the military or prison systems or school systems.”
School systems??!!!

Interesting how the three institutions named above: military, prison systems and schools, are ones that have a captive and relatively forced population of people to target.

As if that isn't bizarre enough (have the people in power been taken over by reptilian overlords?) the  Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board is working with BP to promote gulf seafood as safe to eat; they've been given $30.00 million dollars to use in their campaign propaganda.

Top Military Brass Working With BP to Promote Gulf Seafood

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