Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Conditions at Heathrow: Part of a Plan?

I can't help but see some plan in action, having to do with England's increasing fascist state. Like the U.S., Canada, and elsewhere, we are seeing open displays of indignities upon masses of people. In the following report, one passenger, Jillian Hardy, shares her experience of being trapped at Heathrow with literally thousands of others:
After the snow hit, they hauled us into the arrival area. I have never seen anything like it. It was packed with thousands of people, it was hot, and there was nowhere to sit or lie down,"
Food and water quickly ran out, thousands of people were stuck at the airport overnight. Hot, then cold:
"At 4 a.m., we could see our own breath," said Hardy. "I have no idea why they decided to shut off the heat. Luckily I had a jacket and mittens in my carrying bag. But some people were heading to Florida and were not dressed for the weather, including little kids and seniors. It was awful."
No food, water, overheated, then no heat. Then, this surreal action:
While Hardy and other passengers sat shivering on the floor without any blankets (even after asking Heathrow employees for some), the airport decided the best way to soothe its tired, hungry customers, was to blast loud rock 'n' roll Christmas music. Hardy didn't sleep at all that night.

A 'Pegger's-eye view of Heathrow - Winnipeg Free Press

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  1. Wow how can any one stand for this kind of treatment? People really are sheep! I can only think that they where stuck and had no where else to go and travelers can be like babies with full diapers.

    People just don’t give a flying duck about each other.