Sunday, November 21, 2010

TSA's Intentional Chaos

Recent articles about the TSA are interesting for what they say in between the lines. From The Washington Post: Confused and Abused by the TSA:

The agency appears to be phasing in these new procedures unevenly, leading to frequent confrontations with air travelers. At some airports, passengers are being randomly asked to go through the scanners, while at others, they must all be screened by the machines or by hand. At one airport last week, passengers were both scanned and frisked.
As a result, air travelers aren't sure what to expect when they fly. [italics mine]

It's not a mistake the procedures are random; the seemingly chaotic nature of the TSA's rule changes is intentional. This is a tactic to ensure that we are kept nervous, anxious, and so, easier to control. The authorities show us, over and over again, that they can do what they want, when they want, and we, the people, never know when things will change. All they want us to know is that we better be prepared to jump when they say jump, and ask, how high. Think of the abuser and his victim: control, things changing on a whim, arbitrary and even silly, meaningless rules that must be followed, without question. If you question, you will be punished. You might be punished anyway, just because.

Many are calling for November 24th to a "National Opt Out Day," in which citizens refuse these screenings. The article wonders if "the timing couldn't be better," by the TSA's decision to implement these new, confusing and often conflicting rules. Coming so close to one of the busiest travel times in the U.S., not such a good idea. But this is precisely what the feds want: to instill anxiety, fear and confusion. Frustrations and rebellions are quickly dealt with by a bit of fear mongering, with warnings of terrorism, and a lot of threats in way of fines, interrogations and arrest.

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