Saturday, November 20, 2010

Micah Hanks and Comments on Jesse Ventura's JFK Assination

 Micah Hanks, at his blog Gralien Report, reviews Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory (on TRU TV) and specifically, last nights' episode on the JFK assassination. 

I agree with Hanks that this was one of Ventura's best programs. Like many of us, I remember the day John F. Kennedy was killed; I was sitting on the long wooden bench by the morning glory covered chain link fence, eating my lunch, at St. Mary Magdalene school. I was nine years old. The announcement came over the loudspeakers. Like everyone else, students, teachers and staff alike, we were shocked. In tears. Terrified, and horribly confused. The school shut down, everyone went home, where we watched the news on television for days, from John F. Kennedy's murder to his funeral to Jack Ruby's shooting of Oswald.

When I was a teenager, my father became obsessed with the assassination, reading every book on the subject as soon as it came out. I remember a lecture he took me to on the assassination; I don't remember the speaker (a local L.A. television news reporter) and the topic was the cover-up, and how Oswald was a only a patsy.

Back to last night's episode: I wondered about one thing. Ventura interviewed Marina, Oswald's widow, and she said at the time of the assination, she believed that it was her husband who killed Kennedy when the police told her. I understand some of that response; she was very young, new to this country,poor, and married Oswald after knowing him for only six weeks.  She was no doubt intimidated by goons and government spooks and the sheer immensity of the fact the president of the United States had just been assassinated. But at that the same time, I wondered why she would believe that her husband was capable of such an act? I am not saying I believe, for one moment, that Oswald was the assassin; I am convinced that Kennedy's assassination (as was his brother's) a plot and Oswald was used. I just found Marina's comment about her acceptance of her husband being capable of murder an interesting one.

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