Thursday, August 12, 2010

BP, BLM, U.S. Government in Nevada: Ruby Pipeline and Mustangs

Many thanks to the amazing Skylaire Alfvegren, who sent me this link on the ATS site: journalist George Knapp invesitgates BP current abuses in Nevada. Please watch this, and pass this on. 

Another reminder of BP's agenda, their relationship with the BLM and other government agencies, and their disregard for our envirnoment. BP has, and continues to, act out of greed. BP, according to Knapp, "hides" behind other corporate names but it's BP that owns these companies, and BP that is directly responsible for the rape of our land. And if you've wondered how it is that BP has been getting away with things in our country, listen to what Knapp says about BP employees who go back and forth between working in the public sector and holding political positions in our government.

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