Monday, July 26, 2010

It's Sharktopus!

I love this! Sharktopus, see here for clip. The Navy you see, created a shark/octopus killing machine. It growls. It's huge. It attacks sexy young babes in bikinis. It has Erik Roberts. It's produced by Roger Corman! What more do you want? Coming to SyFy (not sure when, release date wasn't available.) But soon!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bruce Duensing: The Theory of A Amphibious Extraterrestrail

Bruce Duensing at Intangble Materiality has another great post: The Theory of A Amphibious Extraterrestrial. There is a lot to consider, and it may seem, at first, "far out" but really, it isn't. Given the amount of data on USOs, the Navy's work/destruction/manipulations, myth, the work of scientists such as Dr. John C. Lilly, researchers such as Vallee and Sanderson, you realize it isn't that far out, and, regardless of your personal conclusion, the ideas Bruce presents are worth considering. There are also some interesting ideas concerning crop circles and sound in this article.

That's the thing about all this: entertaining ideas, speculating, following threads, taking long looks at what we see as we continue on the journey. Stopping to smell the esoteric roses. You don't know what you'll find, and sometimes what you find is surprising, new, and even wonderful.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Report on Corexit: "Ruptures Red Blood Cells . . . "

Thanks to Angelia Joiner, who posted this link on Facebook.

Toxicologists: Corexit "Ruptures Red Blood Cells, Causes Internal Bleeding," "Allows Crude Oil to Penetrate "Into The Cells" and "Every Organ System"

As documentary film maker James Fox has commented, the mainstream news is only reporting a tenth of what's going on in the Gulf.

James Fox: Questioned by Cops at the dump

James Fox, one brave individual, posted this either today or yesterday. He and his friend followed a dump truck full of tar balls that were double bagged to a waste management dump type facility, guarded by police, who asked Fox for his press pass, ID, etc. Since when do you need a press pass to go to a dump? The officer gave Fox a number to call to find out what is done with the tar balls. The number is posted on the clip:

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Iran stoning sentence for adultery draws outrage

Iran stoning sentence for adultery draws outrage

BP and Medical Records?

Watching just a few minutes of I think, Anderson Cooper last night. The segment I saw was about workers on BP clean-up crews becoming sick. . .  and this following comment (paraphrased) that more information could not be accessed because "BP has the medical records" of workers who have become ill.

How is it a private corporation controls or "owns" a person's medical records?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Burned Dead Whale Image in Gulf is Vanishing From Media

Warning: Grapic Image Burned, Dead Whale Image Vanishing From Media

On Tuesday, June 15, the NOAA Ship Piscesreported a dead sperm whale floating 77 miles due south of the Deepwater Horizon spill site. NOAA is currently in the process of conducting thorough testing to determine the circumstances surrounding the mammal's death, . . .  This is the first dead whale reported since BP's rig exploded on April 20 It was not found in oiled waters; however, its location of death is unknown.
NOAA and the Unified Command Wildlife Branch have had numerous reports of sperm whales seen swimming in the oil, but this is the first confirmed report of a dead whale since the BP oil spill began. NOAA remains concerned about sperm whales, which are the only endangered resident cetaceans in the upper Gulf of Mexico.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Oil Spill New Law: Stay 65ft Away Or Face $40,000 Fine, Prison

 Sounds unbelievalbe, just incredible, but true. Obama has just made it federal law that reporters, journalists and well, just everyone else, has to stay 65 feet away from clean up crews, medical tents, booms, and so on or they face a $40,000 fine and possible jail. Anderson Cooper reports:

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Threatened Whale Sharks Seen in Gulf Oil Spill

Whale sharks swimming in between oil slicks in gulf.
The three sharks did not appear distressed and their white-spotted hides were not visibly oiled, said Steve Gittings of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, who saw them on a flight Monday to locate oiled sea turtles for rescuers in boats.
"Don't get the picture that these looked like those pelicans you see photographs of," he said.
But oil can clog their gills and suffocate them as they swim at the surface, and they will swallow oil if they feed in it, said John Carlson, fisheries biologist in NOAA's wildlife section.

Harry Potter Actress Victim of Would Be Honor Killing

Muslim father and brother of Harry Potter star charged with threatening to kill her

The father and brother of an actress who starred in the Harry Potter films have been charged with threatening to kill her. 
Afshan Azad, 22, has appeared in four of the movies as Padma Patil, a classmate of the young wizard.
She was allegedly attacked at her home in Longsight, Manchester, on May 21 this year.
Now her father Abdul Azad, 54, and brother, Ashraf Azad, 28, both of Beresford Road, Longsight, have appeared in court.