Saturday, June 26, 2010

"A Voice of Courage" Kindra Arnesen

Kindra Arnesen - A Voice of Courage Amidst a Disaster, Catherine Forsythe on Open Salon. (Arnesen is the woman in the YouTube clip posted below this one)

The illnesses are accompanied by silence. Gulf Coast families are afraid to speak in fear of retribution from BP. The people who agreed to help BP clean up the oil spill were forced to sign gag orders. Were they going to disclose proprietary company information?

Since then, the gag agreements have been removed. However, people remain concerned that there will be retribution from BP. The oil company signs the checks to pay for these workers.

Now, one of the wives of the sick fishermen is speaking out. Kindra Arnesen has the courage to bring direct attention to the danger:

"... Arnesen believes it was vapors from the oil and the dispersants from the BP Gulf oil disaster that made her husband and the other shrimpers sick. She says they were downwind of it, and the smell was "so strong they could almost taste it."

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