Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pendulum and Earthquakes

I've been experimenting with the pendulum and using maps for various things, including earthquake predicitons and the BP oil leak. I use two pendulums, both gave the same results but one was stronger than the other.

My favorite pendulum is one with a carnelian as the bob; the other is heavy, and metal. I can't get a clear connection or comfort level with the latter, but the carnelian feels better.

These were done last night:
BP: no success within the week on fixing the oil leak.

Earthquakes: (within the next two weeks)
7.0 or greater --  both pendulums went crazy-strong at the "greater" -- around Australia and Indonesia.

7.0 or greater in Chile, around Santiago. The pendulum didn't react strongly around "or greater" but did stay strong at 7.0. I don't know if that's residue from what has happened, or if it's a true indicator of what will happen.

Upper 5. to 6. 5 in Alaska.

And 6.0 or greater along California coast, from San Diego area up to Bay Area.

I couldn't get a read at all on anything beyond two weeks with either pendulum.

Today's earthquake reports:
5.6 Vaunatu (Indonesia), 4.7 Papua New Guinea, . . .

Lots of little quakes around Baja, tip of California, etx.=

For up to date earthquake info go here.

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