Thursday, June 10, 2010

Joiner Report: Fox, Fabregas, Montaldo, Resnick

Angelia Joiner with guests James Fox and more on BP and the crimes against the gulf.. and planet earth. The Joiner Report with Fox, Fabregas, Montaldo, Resnick
Is the earth’s sea floor in crisis? Are the U.S.’s southern coastal wetlands and wildlife in jeopardy? The Gulf’s oil spill has garnered as much attention in the last 52 days as the war, historical state primaries, and the Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup win. And ‘BP’ has become a common household acronym that can have various meanings for those in the wake of the nation’s worst oil disaster.

The in-depth discussion continues on Friday night when The Joiner Report welcomes noted guests James Fox, Mel Fabregas, Joe Montaldo, and scientist Joseph Resnick.

James Fox is well known for his ufology research and documentary films such as “Out of the Blue,” and the most recent “I Know What I Saw.” However, his attention turned to ‘below the blue’ this week as he reported the grave situation from Grand Isle, Louisiana, to Mel Fabregas around 1:00 a.m. Tuesday. “There is a media blackout. People are being arrested!” Fox said those questioned about the oil spill and present conditions would avoid looking at him and were hesitant to answer any questions for fear of repercussions from officials. He filmed interviews on the streets of New Orleans where residents and tourists vented their anger about the situation and the serious environmental and economical damage occurring with the thousands of barrels of oil gushing daily into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

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