Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Intuitive Trends

May 31, 2010
(I had written this last night and posted it on the side bar, I don't know if I'll put it back or not)

I'm balancing between putting energy into fear; manifesting ill by giving it voice, and naming the thing so intent and change can take place; so we can own it and turn it. . . prophecies, "predictions," observing trends. . .just thoughts . . .

Fish and other ocean life are suffering, and for those of us who eat these creatures, we will find that their gift of life to us is severely lessened, and the monetary price demanded from us will be prohibitive.

The insanity of things like buying bottled water; no longer an option. Water, so plentiful and beautiful and nourshing, cleansing and healing, will be limited. Laws by infrastructures and authorities will be in place to control our self-determination; permissions, fees, fines, arrests, licenses, all needed to access water, including rain water and other free sources.

Earthquakes from 4. on will continue, especially along the west coast of North and South America. A big one is still on its way. . . within the year, most likely within the next 3-6 months -- closer to 3.

BP will not be held accountable to any great degree. Industrial-corporate entities will openly be allowed by our, and other, governments to dictate and control. This has been the reality for a long time but the pretense of "private sector" organizations will fall away.

Chemtrails as an actual phenomena will be acknowledged by mainstream authorities (government agencies, media) but it will also be too little, too late; no one will notice or care. Those that do will still be marginalized and the "chemtrail activists/war" will be folded into other environmental battles. Hidden in plain sight.

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