Wednesday, June 2, 2010

BP Continues to Cover-Up and Lie

"A dead dolphin, stuffed with oil, figures prominently in the account. It's all very sad, and not a little bit enraging. As Allison KilKenny puts it: "In a sane world, a company guilty of gross negligence that resulted in the deaths of 11 workers would be under criminal investigation, and not be parading around the coast, telling the media where they can go and who they can talk to, while forbidding their clean-up crews from wearing protective gear." ~ New York Daily News reporter Matthew Lysiak, on BP's cover-up and reprehensible tactics while on a "surreptitious tour" in Louisiana.
The above quote is from the following article: BP Media Clampdown: No Photos of Dead Animals, Please.

The article includes BP CEO Tony Hayward's astounding remark of last week that he "wanted his life back," with a clarification by Hayward, which, oddly enough, doesn't make any part of this any better.

Links provided with writer Mac McClelland's article include the Mother Jones piece: "Ignore Her": The BP Press Lockdown Continues. The reason given by BP for refusing access to reporters and others is "safety." Or, roads that need to be redone first.  Or . . . right. BP says they're not forbidding any members of clean up crews to talk; it's the subcontractors. Right. . .

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