Thursday, June 3, 2010

Another Odd China Stabbing

Another strange stabbing in China, though it wasn't children in a school that were attacked, but passengers on a train:
Nine people asleep on a train travelling through northeastern China were stabbed in the early hours of this morning by a woman armed with a 15-cm-long knife.
The woman struck at around 2am, slashing at passengers sleeping in the lower bunks of a carriage and causing widespread panic in the darkness, as the K7019 train from the northeastern city of Harbin to northern Hebei province chugged south.
One man, identified only as Mr Wang, said he was awoken when he felt a sudden pain in his leg. In the gloom he made out the plump figure of a short-haired woman moving towards the neighbouring lower bunk and holding a knife.
He heard screams and realised the woman was attacking other passengers. Many people were sleepy and confused and did not realize what was happening. When it became clear that an attacker was on the loose, several gathered together and rushed the woman, knocking the knife out of her hand.
As the article notes, acts this are "rare" but recently, China has seen several weird and violet incidents, like the attacks and murders of school children and staff, and:
Violent crime, long rare in tightly controlled Communist China, has surged in recent months. Just a day earlier, a bank guard opened fire with a rifle in a court building in central China, shooting dead three judges and wounding three people before turning a pistol on himself. Zhu Jun, 46, had been angered by a ruling by another court on the division of assets in his divorce three years earlier.

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