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"Happiness is a good vibe for peace." ~ John Lennon

Did BP Get Facebook to Shut Down Boycott BP Fan Page?

Thanks to Doc 40 for link. Facebook shut down, without warning or explanation, the anti-BP Facebook fan page; with over 700,000 members joining the page was popular and shows BP and the world that "the people" are making their feelings about BP -- and by extension, the government, etc. -- known. Facebook, for whatever reasons, put the pages back, to their credit, I suppose. However, Facebook's bowing down to BP, allowing BP to once again get away with its fascist behavior (and this is not hyperbole; the true definition of fascism is corporate control) shows how willing corporations are to appease each other, and screw the people.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dr. Evils Mess With Fish

While many no doubt see this as a good thing, I find it chilling. Maybe I'm just too paranoid in my old age. I love salmon, so who wouldn't want bigger and more? Not me, I don't trust it, and it is so wrong on many levels. The following New York Times article Genetically Altered Salmon Get Closer to the Table, gives us the happy news about genetically messed with salmon, still to be approved by the FDA.
The developer of the salmon has been trying to get approval for a decade. But the company now seems to have submitted most or all of the data the F.D.A. needs to analyze whether the salmon are safe to eat, nutritionally equivalent to other salmon and safe for the environment, according to government and biotechnology industry officials. A public meeting to discuss the salmon may be held as early as this fall.
This Giant Salmon was developed by the happy sounding titled "AquaBounty Technologies" which raises the Giant Salmon (a mix of the Atlantic, Chinook and pout salmon) in fish farms.

If approved and the Giant Salmon clears various envirnomental and other hurdles, other genetically modified animals will be offered to us, such as the "enviropig."

The FDA isn't treating the Giant Salmon like food, exactly:
Under a policy announced in 2008, the F.D.A. is regulating genetically engineered animals as if they were veterinary drugs and using the rules for those drugs. And applications for approval of new drugs must be kept confidential by the agency.
Critics say the drug evaluation process does not allow full assessment of the possible environmental impacts of genetically altered animals and also blocks public input.
“There is no opportunity for anyone from the outside to see the data or criticize it,” said Margaret Mellon, director of the food and environment program at the Union of Concerned Scientists. When consumer groups were invited to discuss biotechnology policy with top F.D.A. officials last month, Ms. Mellon said she warned the officials that approval of the salmon would generate “a firestorm of negative response.”
Some within the infra-structure are well aware of the politics and implications involved. In an understatement to be sure, an individual who wants to remain anonymous said:
Government officials and industry executives say the F.D.A. is moving cautiously on the salmon. “It’s going to be a P. R. issue,” said one government official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak about the issue.
Genetically modified foods do not have to be labeled; consumers apparently don't have the right to know.
Foods must be labeled, it says, only if they are different in their nutritional properties or other characteristics.
 Ignoring, among other things, that altering and modifying foods, splicing them with say, glowing fish or spider webs, affects the "nutritional properties."

In a display of spin and topsy turvy thinking, AquaBounty representative Mr. Stotish says he's not against "voluntary labeling" but gee, it's not up to him:
but the matter was not in its hands because it would only be selling fish eggs to fish farms, not grown salmon to the supermarket.
He said the company had submitted data to the F.D.A. showing that its salmon was indistinguishable from nonengineered Atlantic salmon in terms of taste, color, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, proteins and other nutrients.
“Our fish is identical in every measurable way to the traditional food Atlantic salmon,” Mr. Stotish said. “If there’s no material difference, then it would be misleading to require labeling.”
And finally, no need to fear the impact of  Giant Salmon on the environment, because all the fish are:
female and sterile, making it impossible for them to mate.

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"A Voice of Courage" Kindra Arnesen

Kindra Arnesen - A Voice of Courage Amidst a Disaster, Catherine Forsythe on Open Salon. (Arnesen is the woman in the YouTube clip posted below this one)

The illnesses are accompanied by silence. Gulf Coast families are afraid to speak in fear of retribution from BP. The people who agreed to help BP clean up the oil spill were forced to sign gag orders. Were they going to disclose proprietary company information?

Since then, the gag agreements have been removed. However, people remain concerned that there will be retribution from BP. The oil company signs the checks to pay for these workers.

Now, one of the wives of the sick fishermen is speaking out. Kindra Arnesen has the courage to bring direct attention to the danger:

"... Arnesen believes it was vapors from the oil and the dispersants from the BP Gulf oil disaster that made her husband and the other shrimpers sick. She says they were downwind of it, and the smell was "so strong they could almost taste it."

BP Has Taken This Down, Watch it While You Can

This has been removed by BP on various Facebook pages and on many places on YouTube. Watch it while you can.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Clark Little's Waves

 Clark Little takes amazing and beautiful photos of waves.

Thanks to Boing Boing for link.

Healing the Water: Event with Dr. Emoto

 I received this from Skylaire Alfvegren. She commented ". . . apologies if you don't see the Fortean nature of this important event . . . " and I share that observation, the oil spill, as many have been commenting, has  Fortean and esoteric tendrils all over the place. (As, with one example, the mermaid-as-oil-spill-esoteric-icon posts.)

The following event is being hosted by the wonderful Los Angeles/Hollywood bookstore, Bodhi Tree, (I wish I was back there!). As Skylaire always says, "read on" . . .
Emoto Healing the Gulf Info Center.


We are all painfully aware of the environmental and economic devastation being caused by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Whether this disaster touches us personally or affects us indirectly, there is no doubt this is one of the worst ecological catastrophes in history.

But... there is another element to this disaster - the spiritual factor.

Water is the very source of all life on this planet. And all human activity, whether it's
vibrational energy, thoughts, words, ideas or music, affects its core structure. As the newspapers and experts and politicians argue over the technologies used to remedy the oil spill, who is asking about the healing role to be played by prayer and meditation?

The most important question of all is, "What does the Deepwater Horizon disaster mean for the spiritual fate of humankind?"

You are invited to join a real-time discussion with the renowned Dr. Masaru Emoto,
as he explores the spiritual implications of the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Even though it may seem to be an environmental catastrophe with no end in sight, Dr. Emoto sees in this problem an opportunity to empower ourselves and reckon with a profound spiritual truth.

Join us July 8, 2010 at 5 p.m. PST/8 p.m. EST, as I Am Healthy Radio in cooperation with the Bodhi Tree Bookstore present Dr. Masaru Emoto
in a real-time teleconference discussion about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
This special two-hour event begins with a pre-recorded interview with Dr. Emoto sharing his unique insights on the oil spill. In the second hour, you are invited to text your questions, to which Dr. Emoto will reply in real time. You can also pre-submit questions, which may be addressed during the live discussion.

Don't miss this informative and empowering event.

For more information, visit
Many blessings,

The Bodhi Tree Bookstore

About Dr. Emoto:

Born in Yokohama, Japan in 1943, Dr. Masaru Emoto is a creative and visionary Japanese researcher whose lifelong passion is telling the world about the cosmic powers of water.
He is renowned for being an early researcher who captured ice water crystals on film.
Since his first book, the acclaimed photo collection titled "Messages From Water",
Dr. Emoto has since published numerous titles, including "The Hidden Messages in Water", which was listed in the New York Times Bestseller List. His books have been
translated into 45 languages and published in 70 countries. A tireless and enthusiastic advocate for peace, today Dr. Emoto continues to hold seminars and lectures to spread appreciation and understanding of the life-giving power of water.

Learn more about Dr. Emoto at
Learn more about "I Am Healthy Radio" at
Visit the Bodhi Tree Bookstore at
Jo Carey - Events Coordinator

Bodhi Tree Bookstore
8585 Melrose Ave.
West Hollywood, CA, 90069
Phone: (310) 659-4428 ext. 113
Facebook: Bodhi Tree Bookstore

Skylaire Alfvegren
"yellow journalism, elfin magic"
P.O. Box 291842
Los Angeles, CA 90029
323.873.3627 (cell)

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Michele Witchipoo's Oil Spill Clean Up Relief Fund

Michele Witchipoo, whose mermaid art is shown in the post below, has done a nice thing. She's put up her images on T-shirts, hoodies, etc. and proceeds go towards helping the madness in the gulf.

Salazar seeks to reimpose drilling moratorium

A federal judge overturned the oil drilling moratorium, but Interior Secretary Salazar will strike that down. And why did the New Orleans judge rule against the White House and overturn the moratorium? Because, in this surreal madness of this BP disaster, insanity rules:
The judge in New Orleans who struck down the moratorium earlier in the day complained there wasn't enough justification for it.
Salazar seeks to reimpose drilling moratorium

(Update) More Mermaid Synchronicity and Symbolism as Icon of BP Madness

Recently, I commented on The Secret Sun's excellent piece on the BP oil spill, and the image of the mermaid in that context. Mermaid Synchronicity, The Secret Sun, and the BP Oil Spill.
In my previous post, I commented about The Secret Sun's article on symbolic and synchronicistic connections surrounding the BP oil spill. Among the imagery is the mermaid:

Strangely enough, mermaids were featured on the episode of 20/20 that I briefly appear in, but the biggest story of the year- of the past several years- by far is most certainly water-based: the BP/Deepwater Horizon catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico. ~ (Secret Sun blog)
As I wrote in that post, there was more mermaid imagery to be found later in the day:
A co-worker had her two small daughters (about four and five years old) with her as we worked in the office. Her daughters had several pieces of paper lined up on the floor; great drawings! They were making a mural. A mermaid mural. Each piece of paper had a drawing of a mermaid on it, and the girls were cutting out the pictures and gluing them to a long sheet of paper for the mural.

More mermaids: same co-worker told me they have stayed, a few times over the years, at what they call the "mermaid house," an inn somewhere in California that has mermaids as the theme. They're planning on going down there again this summer.
A new mermaid as BP oil disaster image appeared today. Use of the mermaid entering our consciousnesses as symbol of all that's wrong with the BP oil spill; an esoteric icon that combines the all too real horrors of the BP oil spill, with the just on the edges of that reality surreal nature of this tragedy.

I like this image; it's from the WitchesBrewPress'sBlog by Michele Witchipoo.
Thank you to the artist, Michele Witchipoo, for giving me permission to post her artwork here.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Gulf oil spill: BP replaces CEO Tony Hayward -

Gulf oil spill: BP replaces CEO Tony Hayward -

They've chosen Robert Dudley "a Mississipi native" to replace Hayward. Dudley is no so-called good old boy; he's a managing director of BP and "has handled sensitive international assignments for BP in Russia and Africa."

". . . sensitive international assignments. . ."

Mermaid Synchronicity, The Secret Sun, and The BP Oil Spill

In my previous post, I commented about The Secret Sun's article on symbolic and synchronicistic connections surrounding the BP oil spill. Among the imagery is the mermaid:
Strangely enough, mermaids were featured on the episode of 20/20 that I briefly appear in, but the biggest story of the year- of the past several years- by far is most certainly water-based: the BP/Deepwater Horizon catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico. ~ (Secret Sun blog)
A comment left at Secret Sun links to this image on the Aqua Man Shrine site:
I commented in my previous post that this oil spill is very profound, on many levels. The obvious tragedy of this aside, there's something more happening here, and I cannot get away from this. Not since 9/11 have I been glued to the various news streams with an obsession. . . this disaster is always on my mind.
There is a lot more to the Gulf story than we're being told, and it connects to these deeper symbolic themes that I've been telling you about for the past year or so. Of that I'm sure. Understanding these themes and where they may be leading us to is the only reason I put so much of my time into this blog. Because I have a feeling that we're all headed for some very deep waters indeed. ~ (Secret Sun)
As I've mentioned in the earlier post,  I know this on some level and my following juxtapositions, synchronicities, subliminal language, etc. is a method to, as SS says, "understanding" and finding where we're going.

I posted the earlier post this morning, before leaving for work. A co-worker had her two small daughters (about four and five years old) with her as we worked in the office. Her daughters had several pieces of paper lined up on the floor; great drawings! They were making a mural. A mermaid mural. Each piece of paper had a drawing of a mermaid on it, and the girls were cutting out the pictures and gluing them to a long sheet of paper for the mural.

More mermaids: same co-worker told me they have stayed, a few times over the years, at what they call the "mermaid house," an inn somewhere in California that has mermaids as the theme. They're planning on going down there again this summer.

The Secret Sun: 17, the Green Sun and the Deepwater Horizon

The Secret Sun: 17, the Green Sun and the Deepwater Horizon

The Secret Sun, a very excellent blog, has another great post on the BP oil spill in the gulf. One comment that jarred me:
There is a lot more to the Gulf story than we're being told, and that it does connect to these deeper symbolic themes that I've been telling you about for the past year or so. Of that I'm sure. Understanding these themes and where they may be leading us to is the only reason I put so much of my time into this blog. Because I have a feeling that we're all headed for some very deep waters indeed.
It jarred me because I've been feeling this all along as well, but couldn't articulate this feeling. As horrible as this is, and it is, why has this caught such a deep hold on us? Because, as Secret Sun says, there is so much more on many levels, and yet to be revealed. . . and we know that. We sense this. I know we do. This feeling comes from beyond myself . . . it's as if I'm picking up, communicating or sensing, connecting with, something sentient out there (no, not aliens from space, but at this point, who the hell knows) ---

Monday, June 14, 2010

'A Disaster, Privately Managed'

David Carr writes on BP's continued restriction of media and public access for the NY Times: A Disaster, Privately Managed
“Given recent volatility in BP share price, I’m told that information related to top kill is now considered stock-market sensitive, which means it has to be managed under disclosure rules for the London and N.Y. stock exchanges,” the BP media official said in an e-mail message. “In a nutshell, that means all investors must be provided information on an equal basis. That precludes me from sending you updates as various aspects of the operation unfold.” 

Really? Should the volatility of a company’s stock price determine how public information on an environmental disaster be delivered to the public?

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Orca Pod in Yaquina Bay, Oregon

I was delighted to see this in our local paper -- a pod of orcas in the Yaquina Bay, here in Oregon. I'm so sad I didn't get to witness this! I have friends and family there and am there frequently, just not this time! But how wonderful for the community to have this happen! A rare sight: Killer whales swim into Oregon waters at Newport.
NEWPORT -- It's the sight some here wait years, even decades to see, and Thursday a whole lot of  people got their wish when a pod of orca whales cruised over the Yaquina Bay Bar, under the bridge and kept on all the way past the port, docks and Bayfront right on up the river.

"It was a thrill," said Jim Rice, coordinator of the Oregon Marine Mammal Stranding Network. "I've been in Newport five years and until this, I'd never seen orcas in Oregon waters."

Jerry Pippin is Tracking the BP Disaster: 'We've Punched a Hole Into Hell'

 UFO and anomolies researcher and podcast king Jerry Pippin has created a site that puts together reports of the BP disaster: We've Punched a Hole Into Hell. Thank you Jerry, please go explore this.

Coast Guard to BP: Pick Up the Pace

ORANGE BEACH, Ala. – The Coast Guard has demanded that BP step up its efforts to contain the oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico by the end of the weekend, telling the British oil giant that its slow pace in stopping the spill is becoming increasingly alarming as the disaster fouled the coastline in ugly new ways Saturday.

Dream: Oil on the water

Not surprisingly, since I've been following the BP horror closely for weeks, I had a dream last night about the oil spill:

In one of my recurring dreamscapes, of the ocean on my right (it always appears on my right, from my point of view in dream world) and the homes and businesses on the left, uphill.

It's daytime. I'm standing on the second floor of the building, another dream motif of mine, a combined school-home-hotel type place. People live here, work here, it's an elementary school, partly. So I'm looking out at the ocean, people on the beach, high tide, and then realize that the ocean isn't water, it's . . . brownish, dark olive green lumpy ... something. Slices of ocean water here and there, in between the oily, brackish gunk, but, pretty much the ocean is gone.

"Oh my God," I shout. 'The oil from Louisiana has reached us!" I am very scared. Then a co-worker (an actual person I work with in waking life) comes up to me, puts her hand on my shoulder, and assures me it isn't the oil. It's just some kind of werid thing, like seaweed, that looks pretty terrible, but isn't, and will go away soon.

I feel better, but we feel the need to leave anyway. I'm in the passenger seat upfront of the car, we drive past the school-home-hotel type place. I've never been this direction before. BEACH ARCADE is painted in faded white letters on the side of the building. "That's weird, so that's what that place was," I think. About a block away is a covered parking lot with these odd little dune buggy-golf cart things. They belong to the BEACH ARCADE place but we're going to take them and drive to the gulf in them.

Well, who the hell knows what that means. Dreams. Hmmm...

Human Rights Group: BP Discouraging Crews From Wearing Respirators

I've been following the BP oil spill since it happened, and these bastards are truly evil soul-less individuals. Yes, they're at fault, and they should pay, and pay, and keep on paying. Yes, they're to be vilified and held responsible, and we should keep demanding answers and accountability. At the same time, we need to be doing the same with our media, and our own government. Where the hell is Obama in all this? And other government entities? Why hasn't BP been told to back off and we take over? Why haven't we allowed help from other nations, who have the technology that can really do something? Why is the secrecy, the cover-ups, the illegal tactics enforced by BP goons allowed to continue? And on and on... so many damn questions. So much to be outraged over.

Each day, it's something new. Some new item about the continued illegal and immoral actions of not only BP, but our own government.

I don't know what to say, what to do. I talk about prayer, meditation, intent. I talk about the crimes committed. I post clips and links. I cry. I don't know... I just don't know what to do.

Human Rights Group: BP Discouraging Crews From Wearing Respirators

Flight over BP Oil disaster Day 52 with Marine Biologist, Dr. Carl Safina

BP Blocking Media Access? New Orleans interview

As the reporter asks, by whose authority are these goons working under? Unless it's the Coast Guard or military, or local law, private citizens don't get to restrict access on a public beach.

Friday, June 11, 2010

James Fox in the Gulf

Houma, Louisiana: Supply Vessel Leaves 36 Injured

Vessel incident in the Gulf of Mexico leaves 36 injured, as if Louisiana hasn't seen enough to last a lifetime.

HOUMA, LOUISIANA (BNO NEWS) -- An incident aboard a supply vessel that was mooring to a natural gas riser platform and pipeline at about 9:25 a.m. on Friday in waters near Cocodrie, resulted in a release of natural gas, the Deepwater Horizon information center said.
More at link.

Pensacola closes marina as oil breaches bay | pensacola, pass, oil - News - The News Herald

"PENSACOLA - Oiled seaweed, sheen and large, orange blobs of oil have been spotted inside Pensacola Bay.

Skimmers are at work. Cleanup boats have moved into position at Fort Pickens.

The oil is heading toward the north shore of Fort Pickens.

From an airplane, a News Journal reporter and photographer can see orange matts about 50 to 100 yards offshore in the Gulf of Mexico off the southwest tip of Fort Pickens."

Rest here:

Pensacola closes marina as oil breaches bay | pensacola, pass, oil - News - The News Herald

Is He Or Isn't He? Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen

 Thad Allen is an admiral in the  Coast Guard, described this way in the following AP item: Coast Guard Adm. Allen in hot seat over oil spill

Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen, one of the few federal officials whose reputation survived Hurricane Katrina intact, is facing growing criticism that he and his agency are overwhelmed by the catastrophe. It's unfamiliar territory for a former Coast Guard Academy football captain who has managed responses to crises that include the earthquake in Haiti, Katrina and the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.
Allen is a front man for BP, and is no longer an admiral, and therefore, no longer a governmental officer, or, is he?:

Allen, 61, who relinquished his role as head of the Coast Guard but is staying on as the spill's national incident commander, has since become the public face of the government's efforts. The Obama administration is increasingly relying on him in White House press briefings and elsewhere to try to assure the public that the government is in charge. Briefing reporters this week, Allen came off cool, calm and confident.
"National incident commander..." is that an offical, i.e. military postion, or the private/corporate sector? (Sigh, is there any difference, really?) Well, yes, Allen is still with the Coast Guard. Courted by the Obama administration, Allen decided to delay his retirement while he shills for BP and the government:
Early on, the Coast Guard was widely viewed as giving BP too much control on the scene, effectively looking the other way when the company offered misleadingly rosy assessments. Allen, for example, went along for weeks with BP's insistence that measuring the amount of oil spewing from the well was unimportant, only later pressing for accurate figures after scientists complained that it could help officials plan for containing the mess and account for liability.
He has broad authority from the White House to make decisions and can pick up the phone and call BP CEO Tony Hayward when he needs answers. Like the president, Allen in recent days has shown more impatience with BP, writing Hayward a terse letter this week demanding more information about how the company is settling claims.
Sounds like the man for the job. Supposedly Allen is becoming increasingly frustrated with BP, according to the article. Though not everyone's happy with Allen, the Coast Guard, the Obama adminstration's response, and all others working for BP:
David Camardelle, mayor of Grand Isle, La., said he meets daily with state and federal officials but that when he brings up a problem or offers a solution he's told "BP or EPA, or the Coast Guard is going to have to approve this before we can do anything."
Allen plans to retire July 1st. 


New logos for BP.

Propaganda Items Seem to Say: "Look, It's Not As Bad As You Think. . ."

Or 'Don't Worry, Be Happy'

The immediate reaction I had to the two following items appearing right next to each in this morning's paper (Register-Guard) was  a tangled response of disbelief, paranoia and a strong sense the subtle side of the propaganda machine is hard at work. (Not to suggest that the machine hasn’t been hard at work all along, but that it’s taken a new direction.) The third item I saw on my news feed on-line confirmed my perception.

In the paper, two articles, smack next to each other on the page, -- page A3, not the front page --  give us the message that things aren't that bad because, under all the despair, is more despair. The only way to escape the despair is to give up. First article: Some skeptical of rescue effort for oiled birds cites  Institute of Environmental and Human Health's Ron Kendall (Texas Tech) who says that taking care of oiled birds and other animals is pointless:
some species might tolerate it better than others, but when you compare the benefits to the costs . . .I am skeptical."
A U.S. Minerals Management Service report from 2002 agrees with Kendall:
A growing number of studies indicate that current rehabilitation techniques are note effective in returning healthy birds to the wild. . .Birds don't show signs of breeding when returned "
But others disagree, regardless if returned animals breed or live for long after being rescued.  Dan Anderson of University of California at Davis says we are "morally obliged to save birds that seem to be saveable," pointing out that methods for saving birds and wildlife have changed since the report.

The most dangerous bit of propaganda in this piece is the following comment from Jim Estes at University of California Santa Cruz, who helped with rehabilitation on birds Exxon 1989:
"It will just help a relative small number of individuals from suffering and dying..." and these kinds of "rescue missions... can convey a false impression that damage from oil spills can be fixed."
Well, some animals saved, or at least having their suffering alleviated, are better than none. But more important is the disingenuous implication that people are so naive that de-oiling wildlife will magically make the oil disappear and bring things back to normal.

The other article pushes the 'drill baby drill' mentality: Louisiana presses to resume drilling. Politicians are "pleading with Washington" to bring back off shore drilling immediately. The ban on drilling has:
"sent their most lucrative industry into a death spiral" ... "drilling is safe overall" ... [the temporary ban on drilling is a]"knee-jerk reaction, akin to grounding every airplane in America because of a single crash."  Attorney General Buddy Caldwell: "For God's sake, don't finish us off with a moratorium"
Senator Mary Landrieu Louisiana, speaking of BP and her state's economic crisis:
"This is one company (BP) This is one well. It's a terrible situation, and n o one is making from of it, but what I'm saying, as strongly as I can, to this president, is the economic analysis is devastating to many companies, thousands of companions."
The devastating effect on the environment, its long term effect on the planet, which in turn will affect other countries... including the health of humans  for years to come, seems lost on these people.

On-line I find the following AP item: Plenty of Gulf volunteers, not enough work to do,
BP has said it will use only trained workers and professionals to clean up the oil and wash oiled wildlife, adding to the deepening frustration over the government and BP's response. The workers also need special safety equipment, said BP spokesman Mark Proegler.

Proegler suggested volunteers could visit the company's websites and sign on with subcontractors working along the Gulf Coast. But Bethany Kraft of the Alabama Coastal Foundation said in an e-mail that many people aren't looking for full-time work. And there's no guarantee they'd be hired because some states require that those hired be unemployed or otherwise affected by the spill, she said.

While foremen must take a full 40-hour hazardous materials course, most workers only need an abbreviated four-hour course, Kraft said. However, the need for such training — which so far hasn't been opened to the public by BP — may be overstated. (italics and bold mine)
"All the Hazmat training does is basically tell people commonsense things, like don't eat it," said Edward B. Overton of the Louisiana State School of Coast and Environment. "The whole issue of training and bio-suits has lawyer written all over it. I'm sure it's more a question of liability than anything else."
(On that last line, ya think?) The article does list some resources for people wanting to volunteer.

The point is, all three articles contain a similar message: don't help too much. Helping wildlife; a naive effort that won't do anything useful in the long run. Stopping drilling? Another naive move that only hurts the people by cutting them off from earning a living. Want to volunteer? You need special training for some, others, well, there really isn't the need. As with all disinformation, there is truth mixed in with the propaganda. All three articles acknowledge the horrors of BP's oil spill, they just mix it up with disingenuous elements of naive do-gooders, misguided efforts to protect the environment, and outraged concern for constituents.

Register Guard on-line: More Propaganda
While searching for links on the Register Guard's site to the specific articles mentioned above, I found the following: Just like pelicans, people can't avoid oil either, by Seth Borenstein, an  APLouisiana's brown pelicans have more of a chance of avoiding Big Oil than you do." The implication is that our efforts to lessen our use of oil based products and energy is pretty much worthless. Oil, in some form or another, are everywhere, including our bodies. And while it's cause for alarm, it also isn't:
These are substances that don't appear in nature and "they accumulate in the human body, they persist in the environment," Berkeley's Wilson said. The problem is science isn't quite sure how bad or how safe they are, he said.
But plastics also do good things for the environment, the chemistry council says. Because plastics are lighter than metals, they helped create cars that save fuel. A 2005 European study shows that conversion to plastic materials in Europe saved 26 percent in fuel.
"Compared to the alternatives, it reduces greenhouse gases (which cause global warming) and saves energy; that is rather ironic," Swift said.

LSU's Overton is old enough to remember the days before petrochemicals. There were no plastic milk and soda containers. They were glass. Desks were heavy wood. There were no computers, cell phones and not much air conditioning.
"It's a much more comfortable life now, much more convenient," Overton said.
Swift said trying to live without petrochemicals now doesn't make sense, but he added: "it would make a good reality TV show."

Thursday, June 10, 2010

U.S. Refused 13 Countries' Help on Clean up of spill

Via piglipstick: Why Did The U.S. Refuse International Help on The Gulf Oil Spill? An excellent question. "False flag," is appearing to make more and more sense. . . however, moot point, it's done, and all the actions and responses by BP and our government underscore the reality that this is what it is: fucking impossible to really fathom.
According to Foreign Policy, thirteen entities had offered the U.S. oil spill assistance within about two weeks of the Horizon rig explosion. They were the governments of Canada, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Republic of Korea, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United Nations.

The U.S. response - Thank you, but no thank you, we've got it.

"..While there is no need right now that the U.S. cannot meet, the U.S. Coast Guard is assessing these offers of assistance to see if there will be something which we will need in the near future."

Blame It On The Jones Act?

Separately, Belgian newspaper De Standaard also reported Belgian and Dutch dredgers have technology in-house to fight the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, butthe Jones Act forbids them to work in the U.S.
Seems we don't have the technology to clean up the spill, but other countries do. The Jones Act stops the U.S. from accepting such help --- so it seems, but that is not the reality. The article points out that waivers are made, and the Jones Act wasn't, and isn't, meant to apply to cases like this, certainly not this. No, clearly the excuse of the "Jones Act" is a cover for what is really going on.

Joiner Report: Fox, Fabregas, Montaldo, Resnick

Angelia Joiner with guests James Fox and more on BP and the crimes against the gulf.. and planet earth. The Joiner Report with Fox, Fabregas, Montaldo, Resnick
Is the earth’s sea floor in crisis? Are the U.S.’s southern coastal wetlands and wildlife in jeopardy? The Gulf’s oil spill has garnered as much attention in the last 52 days as the war, historical state primaries, and the Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup win. And ‘BP’ has become a common household acronym that can have various meanings for those in the wake of the nation’s worst oil disaster.

The in-depth discussion continues on Friday night when The Joiner Report welcomes noted guests James Fox, Mel Fabregas, Joe Montaldo, and scientist Joseph Resnick.

James Fox is well known for his ufology research and documentary films such as “Out of the Blue,” and the most recent “I Know What I Saw.” However, his attention turned to ‘below the blue’ this week as he reported the grave situation from Grand Isle, Louisiana, to Mel Fabregas around 1:00 a.m. Tuesday. “There is a media blackout. People are being arrested!” Fox said those questioned about the oil spill and present conditions would avoid looking at him and were hesitant to answer any questions for fear of repercussions from officials. He filmed interviews on the streets of New Orleans where residents and tourists vented their anger about the situation and the serious environmental and economical damage occurring with the thousands of barrels of oil gushing daily into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Homeland Security response to breach of airspace over BP Oil spill

Ask yourselves: why is homeland security closing down airspace?

Senator Denied Access; BP and Homeland Security Working Together

One looming question among the several dozens of looming questions surrounding BP's crimes is: how is it some government entities are working with BP -- serving as BP's personal security forces -- while other arms of the government seem to be helpless in communicating with BP?

Why is Homeland Security involved?

Other obvious questions; why are reporters and other media denied access, why has the British government been strangely absent; we could go on for a long time asking all kinds of whys.

It's no secret journalists are not given access; that's been news for awhile now. Even while BP insists that no such thing is happening, they contradict themselves by also saying that reporters, media, etc. are denied only for if there are issues of "safety" involved. Certainly a convenient response.

Carole Wurzelbacher comments on  access denied in her articleJournalists denied access to Louisiana coast oil spill. Citing other writers who comment on the continued arrogant, dangerous -- let's face it, fascist -- tactics of BP/government, it is clear that BP has no intentions of being honest. (It goes without saying it's been clear since the beginning.)

Writing that the Coast Guard has to make its way through a "dense" list of requests, the denial issued by that government agency is still confusing. But most confusing, and still unanswered, is the continuing relationship between some government agencies and BP, while other government departments are denied access, rejected, ignored, and threatened.

    ... while the Coast Guard surely has a dense list of media requests to see the spill and clearly cannot accommodate them all, the restriction does seem oddly specific (especially as Senator Bill Nelson, Democrat of Florida tried to do just that, was at first given permission by the Coast Guard, then later abruptly denied access).
Clearly, BP is running a part of this country. Obama needs to stop being coy and disingenuous and saying media - moment things like "kick ass" and demand BP stand down. In a sense, BP has declared war ... how can a foreign company, who has committed such horrific acts through their -- at best -- negligence -- be allowed to order U.S. government agencies around, deny access to media, and threaten people?

And where is the rest of America in all this? Why are Americans remaining oddly silent during this tragedy?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Police Protection for Family of BP Boss Tony Hayward

Protection for the Hayward family while pater is away. . .

Police have launched an operation to protect the family of Tony Hayward, BP's British boss, after they received hate mail and threatening phone calls...

Kent Police sources yesterday confirmed there was an "ongoing police operation" involving Mr Hayward's family home but did not disclose the nature and details. The family home is protected by a 12ft high perimeter hedge and has a private access road. 
It's surreal and unbelievable to know there are those that think BP, and the oil spill, are being over dramatized, but, sadly, there are those who think exactly that:
Amid the outcry over the worst oil spill in US history, Mr Hayward and BP were offered a modicum of comfort by Haley Barbour, the governor of Mississippi, who said that hysteria surrounding the leak was more damaging than the oil itself.
"The truth is we have had virtually no oil," Mr Barbour told Fox television. "We've had a few tar balls but we have a few every year", he added, because of natural seepage in the Gulf of Mexico.
"The biggest negative impact for us has been the news coverage," he said, as reports gave the misleading impression that the entire coast from "Texas to Florida" was "knee deep in oil".
Of course, the fact he's a. . . wait for it. . . 
  ... Republican governor ...
 though in reality, it doesn't make any difference, they're all fascists, regardless of party. Back to Barbour:

came as close as any elected politician has to arguing that the biggest oil spill in US history was being exaggerated, at least in regard to his state, which has a smaller coastline than Louisiana, which is closest to the origin of the spill.
Mr Barbour is known as one of the most vocal pro-oil voices on the US political scene, receiving almost $700,000 from oil and gas industries in his past two campaigns. From 2000 to 2007, his lobbying firm was also paid $2 million for representing oil and gas interests.

MASS ALERT ! BP Spill reach Grand Isle Louisiana Media Blackout Arrests ...

A Message to BP from the Streets of New Orleans

Feds Want Your ID to Buy Pre-paid Phones

Read it in the paper this morning, and here's more on the ATS (Above Top Secret) site. Feds want consumers to show their ID in order to purchase a pre-paid phone, like a TrackPhone, etc. Dangerous times, my friends... but, as the poster on ATS said, we've seen it coming since 9/11.

Monday, June 7, 2010

BP Publicity Whores Buys Google Search Engines That Leads to BP Site

BP whores buying up searches on Google to promote their cover-ups and lies. Using terms with "oil" gives moves BP to the top of the search engine, which leads people to the BP site, where lies, cover-ups and outright whoredom reign.

As usual, many thanks to piglipstick  for the link. In fact, visit piglipstick for updates and commentary on BP and much more.

The Sarcastic Fringehead; Alien Fish From the Deep

 When I clicked on the image on YouTube, and saw the name: "sarcastic fringehead" for one brief moment I thought this was a spoof. After all, "sarcastic fringehead" is a great name for a band, or a maverick group of Fortean researchers. . . but this is a real fish.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

You Might Be a Terrorist If . . . 'Propaganda Placement' on CSI

 Think chemtrails are not just contrails? Don't use flouride? Not only are you a kook, but a dangerous kook. In fact, you might be a terrorist.

TV shows have always been a tool for debunking and disinfo campaigns -- the CIA and other entities have long ago acknowledged such. This 'propaganda placement' still continues, and here's an example from the popular CSI show:

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Another Odd China Stabbing

Another strange stabbing in China, though it wasn't children in a school that were attacked, but passengers on a train:
Nine people asleep on a train travelling through northeastern China were stabbed in the early hours of this morning by a woman armed with a 15-cm-long knife.
The woman struck at around 2am, slashing at passengers sleeping in the lower bunks of a carriage and causing widespread panic in the darkness, as the K7019 train from the northeastern city of Harbin to northern Hebei province chugged south.
One man, identified only as Mr Wang, said he was awoken when he felt a sudden pain in his leg. In the gloom he made out the plump figure of a short-haired woman moving towards the neighbouring lower bunk and holding a knife.
He heard screams and realised the woman was attacking other passengers. Many people were sleepy and confused and did not realize what was happening. When it became clear that an attacker was on the loose, several gathered together and rushed the woman, knocking the knife out of her hand.
As the article notes, acts this are "rare" but recently, China has seen several weird and violet incidents, like the attacks and murders of school children and staff, and:
Violent crime, long rare in tightly controlled Communist China, has surged in recent months. Just a day earlier, a bank guard opened fire with a rifle in a court building in central China, shooting dead three judges and wounding three people before turning a pistol on himself. Zhu Jun, 46, had been angered by a ruling by another court on the division of assets in his divorce three years earlier.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

BP Continues to Cover-Up and Lie

"A dead dolphin, stuffed with oil, figures prominently in the account. It's all very sad, and not a little bit enraging. As Allison KilKenny puts it: "In a sane world, a company guilty of gross negligence that resulted in the deaths of 11 workers would be under criminal investigation, and not be parading around the coast, telling the media where they can go and who they can talk to, while forbidding their clean-up crews from wearing protective gear." ~ New York Daily News reporter Matthew Lysiak, on BP's cover-up and reprehensible tactics while on a "surreptitious tour" in Louisiana.
The above quote is from the following article: BP Media Clampdown: No Photos of Dead Animals, Please.

The article includes BP CEO Tony Hayward's astounding remark of last week that he "wanted his life back," with a clarification by Hayward, which, oddly enough, doesn't make any part of this any better.

Links provided with writer Mac McClelland's article include the Mother Jones piece: "Ignore Her": The BP Press Lockdown Continues. The reason given by BP for refusing access to reporters and others is "safety." Or, roads that need to be redone first.  Or . . . right. BP says they're not forbidding any members of clean up crews to talk; it's the subcontractors. Right. . .

Pendulum and Earthquakes

I've been experimenting with the pendulum and using maps for various things, including earthquake predicitons and the BP oil leak. I use two pendulums, both gave the same results but one was stronger than the other.

My favorite pendulum is one with a carnelian as the bob; the other is heavy, and metal. I can't get a clear connection or comfort level with the latter, but the carnelian feels better.

These were done last night:
BP: no success within the week on fixing the oil leak.

Earthquakes: (within the next two weeks)
7.0 or greater --  both pendulums went crazy-strong at the "greater" -- around Australia and Indonesia.

7.0 or greater in Chile, around Santiago. The pendulum didn't react strongly around "or greater" but did stay strong at 7.0. I don't know if that's residue from what has happened, or if it's a true indicator of what will happen.

Upper 5. to 6. 5 in Alaska.

And 6.0 or greater along California coast, from San Diego area up to Bay Area.

I couldn't get a read at all on anything beyond two weeks with either pendulum.

Today's earthquake reports:
5.6 Vaunatu (Indonesia), 4.7 Papua New Guinea, . . .

Lots of little quakes around Baja, tip of California, etx.=

For up to date earthquake info go here.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Intuitive Trends

May 31, 2010
(I had written this last night and posted it on the side bar, I don't know if I'll put it back or not)

I'm balancing between putting energy into fear; manifesting ill by giving it voice, and naming the thing so intent and change can take place; so we can own it and turn it. . . prophecies, "predictions," observing trends. . .just thoughts . . .

Fish and other ocean life are suffering, and for those of us who eat these creatures, we will find that their gift of life to us is severely lessened, and the monetary price demanded from us will be prohibitive.

The insanity of things like buying bottled water; no longer an option. Water, so plentiful and beautiful and nourshing, cleansing and healing, will be limited. Laws by infrastructures and authorities will be in place to control our self-determination; permissions, fees, fines, arrests, licenses, all needed to access water, including rain water and other free sources.

Earthquakes from 4. on will continue, especially along the west coast of North and South America. A big one is still on its way. . . within the year, most likely within the next 3-6 months -- closer to 3.

BP will not be held accountable to any great degree. Industrial-corporate entities will openly be allowed by our, and other, governments to dictate and control. This has been the reality for a long time but the pretense of "private sector" organizations will fall away.

Chemtrails as an actual phenomena will be acknowledged by mainstream authorities (government agencies, media) but it will also be too little, too late; no one will notice or care. Those that do will still be marginalized and the "chemtrail activists/war" will be folded into other environmental battles. Hidden in plain sight.

Oklahoma Octopus?

An OOP (Out of Place) Octopus? Or a giant catfish, more likely, according to cryptozoo-osicity, where a large water dwelling creature in Oklahoma's Lake Thunderbird, Lake Tenkiller and Lake Oolagah is said to be attacking people. (Note the name of one of the lakes: Thunderbird.)

The creature that supposedly resides there is described as reddish-brown, leathery skin and approximately the size of a horse. Some say it looks like an octopus , others like a shark with tentacles.