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UPDATE: Stabbing Signals

 I had written this a couple of days ago, but just got around to posting it an hour or so ago. Checking the news, I found this: Man stabs eight people to death in China. More on this at end of piece:

Recently, stories have come out of China of people attacking -- and killing-- children in schools. USA Today reports on threats to schools after a wave of killings in schools:
The school attacks began with the stabbings in Nanping. The man convicted for that crime was executed on April 28, the same day a 33-year-old former teacher broke into a primary school in the southern city of Leizhou in Guangdong province and wounded 15 students and a teacher with a knife.

The next day in Taixing city in Jiangsu province, a 47-year-old unemployed man armed with an 8-inch knife wounded 29 kindergarten students five seriously plus two teachers and a security guard.
In the latest attack on children, a farmer hit five elementary students with a hammer Friday in the eastern city of Weifang before burning himself to death.
After that, Chinese authorities arrested men for threats they made to children. One school received a threatening letter:
Iu Yongche, 39, was detained on May 2, a week after a local elementary school in Wuxi, west of Shanghai, received an anonymous letter demanding about $14,700. It threatened to harm students and teachers if the money was not paid, said the deputy director of the Wuxi Public Security Bureau, who gave only his surname, Chen.

Chen said that Liu, a migrant worker from neighboring Anhui province, is under criminal detention. A government notice published in state media said Liu was short of cash due to gambling debts.

"I'm so poor and I hope your school could help me out by putting $14,706 into my account... Otherwise, I'll have no other choice but to do it," the official Xinhua News Agency quoted the letter as saying. Liu threatened an attack similar to one in March in Nanping, in southeastern China's Fujian Province, where a man killed eight primary school children.

I don’t know the status of schools in China, but I wonder at the thinking that a school would have spare money.

Another man had posted the following comment on the internet:
The second man, who was only identified by the surname Hu, was detained from Monday through Wednesday after posting a comment on an online bulletin board suggesting "to kill a kid to have some fun."

Here in the U.S.,  another stabbing attack took place inside a Target store in West Hollywood (my old nieghborhood) California. Layla Trawick ran down aisles, armed with knives, stabbing people, including children:
Layla Trawick, 34, had just stabbed four people, including a woman holding a baby, slashing at shoppers in an apparently random attack at the busy store Monday, authorities allege.
Note the use of the words “apparently random.” The following is interesting:
The woman was heard screaming “there is no witness protection program!”

An off duty deputy happened to be in the store at the time:
Grant grabbed his duty weapon, identified himself as a sheriff's deputy and ordered the woman to drop the knives, he said. She ran away and he followed her from aisle to aisle before she surrendered.

"She finally dropped her knife, and I was able to place handcuffs on her," Grant said.

Deputy Grant made the call not to shoot Trawick; he was aware of her state of her mind:
"Her facial expression was someone who was lost, confused, didn't know exactly where they were," Grant said
Which indicates various possibilities such as drugs, mental illness/psychotic break, or, mind control.

Back to China; at I stated at the beginning of this piece, another stabbing took place in China since I posted this.

BEIJING (AFP) – A man stabbed to death eight people, including three family members, in eastern China, state media quoted police as saying Sunday, the latest in a spate of attacks that have shocked the nation.
The suspect Zhou Yezhong killed his mother, wife, daughter, four neighbours and one migrant worker with a knife at about 6:00 pm Saturday (1000 GMT) in Chengyuan village, Badu Township, in Jiangxi province, Xinhua news agency said.
He was caught at about 7:50 pm by police and an investigation is under way.
Cities around China have taken preventative measures following a series of attacks on children.
On April 30, a farmer armed with a hammer injured five children and a teacher at a primary school in the eastern province of Shandong before setting himself on fire.
A day earlier, a jobless man apparently angry over a series of personal and professional setbacks slashed 29 children and three adults at a kindergarten in the eastern city of Taixing.
That attack came a day after a 33-year-old teacher placed on sick leave for mental problems injured 15 students and a teacher in a knife attack at a primary school in southern China's Guangdong province.
And on the same day, authorities in Fujian province in the southeast executed a former doctor for stabbing to death eight children and injuring five others in March in a fit of rage after he broke up with his girlfriend.

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