Sunday, May 2, 2010

National ID Card Buzz

I just noticed the number of alerts on my Yahoo page on a National ID Card. There are several links to news items about this. The ACLU is balking at the proposed plan to "require all workers in the United States to carry an ID card with biometric identifiers." Chips, in other words, RFID thingies in your wallet.

Playing the esoteric,  Fortean name game we find that the plan for the ID card is called "Believe." As in, believe in us, the authority, the state, the controllers, the government, the feds, industry, business, corporations, banks, record keepers, data collectors. Believe stands for "Biometric Enrollment, Locally-stored Information and Electronic Verification of Employment."

Not that it makes much difference but it's sadly a Democrat who's behind this idea. Majority Whip Senator Dick Durbin in fact, who says:
"For a long time it was resisted by many groups but now we live in a world where we take off our shoes at the airport and pull out our identification," Durbin said. "People understand that in this vulnerable world we have to be able to present identification."

Source: US News

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