Saturday, May 29, 2010

Madman Makow: "What's Wrong With Gays in the Miliary?" (Plenty, he says)

One of my favorite self-indulgent things to do is to parse Henry Makow. Makow, for those that don't know, is seemingly Jeff Rense's BFF, since Rense links to Makow's crazy-homophobic-misogsynistic-anti-Semitic-1950s pinko commie paranoia posts all the time.

Makow's latest is on his site (yeah, I know, cute, huh?) about gays in the military: What's Wrong With Gays in the Military? A reader asks Makow:
I'm not gay, but I ask--what's the problem? Homosexuals are among the world's best killers, always have been, and Uncle Sam eagerly recruits expert killers. Alexander the Great was a swish. His dad, Phillip was 'bi.' Frederick the Great made no secret of his gayness. Julius Caesar was said to be "a husband to to women and a wife to men." Some say the Confederate General D. H. Hill was gay. The Spartans--among the world's best soldiers--encouraged homosexuality in the belief it encouraged men to fight harder on the battlefield. Homosexuals are everywhere, all the time. Personally I don't see why anybody would want to join the bloodthirsty US military, but if gays want to, why stop them? If a  bomb or bullet arrives at their position, it won't stop to ask if they are gay or not. 
Bi is in quotation marks, why I don't know, and we're informed of the interesting factoid that "homosexuals are among the world's best killers. . ." -- something about this supposed reader's wording has me think it's a set-up. Makow responds:
The hidden agenda behind allowing gays to serve openly is to undermine the Armed Forces. Proselytizing/predatory gays represent an enemy within. 
Makow then wonders why no one seems concerned about the rights of heterosexual men who don't want to be around gays:
Straight men do not wish to face an external enemy while at the same time fending off sexual overtures from the rear.
Those italics are Makow's, not mine. He really said that! Gays are out for one thing: to seduce and recruit straight men. That's their goal but so is destroying the military from within:
Homosexuals will gain rank and use it to extort sexual favors. Discipline and morale will decline. The ranks will divide along gay-straight lines as straights repel unwanted attention.
Er, if straight men are hetro and don't want to be around homosexuals, then how could gays "extort sexual favors?" Do gays have super powers we don't know about, stunning us and then having their way with us?

Makow has no idea how funny he can be at times, in between his paranoid ravings. 
A homosexual in the army is like being a mouse in a cheese factory.
Makow can be unintentionally funny, and, while his mad and bizarre articles are both funny and surreal, make no mistake: this guy is serious, and so are his followers. These are real people out there who think this way, and that's scary. And Rense promotes him.

Makow actually doesn't have issues with "responsbile" homosexuals, just these kinds:
My issue is with the way homosexuality is being foisted upon heterosexuals by the Illuminati to subvert society.
And ah, here it is: where Makow puts it together. No matter what Makow writes about, it all gets down to one thing. All evil comes forth from the same tangled web of pinko-lesbo-Illuminati-Jewish-gays who are out to rule the world:
Homosexuality is by definition an attack on heterosexual values. These values are necessary for effective armed combat. They include courage manliness, and sacrifice for comrades, family and country. Homosexuality is not about family, or even country. By their own admission, many homosexuals are driven by a sociopathic resentment of society bordering on subversion. They have this in common with organized Jewry which is nothing but an agent of the Masonic world central banking cartel, and its world government agenda. That's why homosexuals and Jews/crypto Jews/half-Jews fill the ranks of the Illuminati. (The Illuminati are the secret society within Freemasonry erecting the NWO.) 
There's a lot more, including what Makow writes, in complete seriousness, that Obama is "believed to be bi-sexual/gay." But I can only stand so much fun for one day.

As I commented above, it's ridiculous on the surface to take Makow seriously, of course. But he is popular and there are people (good great goddess they could be your nieghbor!) who think like Makow, as the comments left on his site reveal. That's scary.

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