Sunday, April 25, 2010

NW Fungus TIME Magazine Article

Great. Just when I was thinking maybe my whine fest rant post on the NW fungus here in Oregon and other ills, like MRSA, MSSA and alien crud was maybe a tad too paranoid, as well as confusing, TIME magazine comes along with an article on said NW fungus. The writer is also confused about the conflicting messages media throws our way, as we've seen with the swine flue and MRSA; of which I've been commenting on for a couple of years now. I don't know if gratifying is exactly the word to use here; I'm not practicing schadenfreude.
If you're like me, you are also probably confused about how worried you should — or shouldn't — be about this killer pathogen.
The news reports have managed simultaneously to raise the alarm about the new bug while warning people off undue hysteria. Consider this ABC News headline "Fatal Fungus Cryptococcus Gattii: Experts Say Fears Overblown," which strangely dismisses a fear of its own making. And then there's an article on that details the rise of the deadly new strain, then exhorts readers not to worry: "Besides, there's not much you can do to protect yourself from it in the meantime."

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Like the swine flu items, which have decreased but are still very much with us, and MRSA, which has pretty much gone away but is still affecting people, and MSSA which no one seems to have heard of, we get conflicting messages about weird crap popping up and just ruining our day.

And as far as things like Morgellons, you're a tin foil hat wearing fruit cake for even mentioning the alleged disease, yet Kaiser Permanante in California, for example, has poured money into researching the mysterious disease. So it's either a real, bona fide and very scary thing, or, an imaginary paranoid delusion.

Meanwhile, the ones behind all this spin -- no, not the news, they're just the literal talking heads who spew whatever comes down their pikes -- know damn well what they're doing: spreading fear and intentional confusion among the population.

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