Sunday, April 25, 2010

NW Fungus TIME Magazine Article

Great. Just when I was thinking maybe my whine fest rant post on the NW fungus here in Oregon and other ills, like MRSA, MSSA and alien crud was maybe a tad too paranoid, as well as confusing, TIME magazine comes along with an article on said NW fungus. The writer is also confused about the conflicting messages media throws our way, as we've seen with the swine flue and MRSA; of which I've been commenting on for a couple of years now. I don't know if gratifying is exactly the word to use here; I'm not practicing schadenfreude.
If you're like me, you are also probably confused about how worried you should — or shouldn't — be about this killer pathogen.
The news reports have managed simultaneously to raise the alarm about the new bug while warning people off undue hysteria. Consider this ABC News headline "Fatal Fungus Cryptococcus Gattii: Experts Say Fears Overblown," which strangely dismisses a fear of its own making. And then there's an article on that details the rise of the deadly new strain, then exhorts readers not to worry: "Besides, there's not much you can do to protect yourself from it in the meantime."

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Like the swine flu items, which have decreased but are still very much with us, and MRSA, which has pretty much gone away but is still affecting people, and MSSA which no one seems to have heard of, we get conflicting messages about weird crap popping up and just ruining our day.

And as far as things like Morgellons, you're a tin foil hat wearing fruit cake for even mentioning the alleged disease, yet Kaiser Permanante in California, for example, has poured money into researching the mysterious disease. So it's either a real, bona fide and very scary thing, or, an imaginary paranoid delusion.

Meanwhile, the ones behind all this spin -- no, not the news, they're just the literal talking heads who spew whatever comes down their pikes -- know damn well what they're doing: spreading fear and intentional confusion among the population.

Friday, April 23, 2010

New Strains of Weird Shit

Not literally, but it might as well be. . . the post below on the NW fungus had me thinking about my own fairly mild, (compared to others,) but highly frustrating, painful at times, and overall grinding down of spirit my three year journey with MRSA, MSSA, and the latest: "strep in the body." Not strep throat, but strep body. A few weeks ago I was feeling sick at work, but, as I said to a few co-workers, I didn't feel like I was sick with something, (like a flu, cold, etc.) but I felt that something was wrong. Later that evening I was very sick, burning up, chills, but then they'd go away completely, and pain like I've never had before in my abdomen. My husband wanted to take me to the ER or call 911; I refused. I was almost there, but not quite... I was in tears from the pain, and the weirdness of it. I drag myself to the health clinic the next morning and was told it was a stomach bug, but later, after the lab work came in, I had a "bladder infection," but that the bacteria I had "wasn't  usually found in the bladder," and my Dr. prescribed some kind of antibiotic. I have no idea what it was, as much as I hate them and often have very bad reactions to them I took those, no questions asked. Felt better after a couple of days... meanwhile, the ear stuff is still going on, and no one, including my Dr. who is also a naturopath, is doing a damn thing about it. Apparently MRSA, MSSA, and whatever weird bacteria that "shouldn't be there," isn't enough for concern. Meanwhile, burning, leaking, bleeding, pain, literally feeling the wind blow through my head, and a long list of gross and uninteresting details to anyone but myself continues. . . (hey, last summer was a riot; the blood red eyes that lasted for weeks was pretty groovy!) (that's sarcasm; it wasn't groovy at all.)  Dr.'s look briefly in the ears, say "Yeah, it's a mess in there," and move on. Oh, I have sulphur to take if it's too bad, and it helps, a bit, for a time, though I have to be careful of taking that due to the severe reactions I have. The naturopathic version is milder, and doesn't cause the same amount of zombie-drugged-I'm -in-hell feeling but if I take too much it does.

It could be much worse and I realize I'm whining. On the other hand these chronic things are very strange. Used to be you'd get some crap, get rid of it, and you carried on. Now it's drawn out hard to really pinpoint or explain seemingly endless ailments. Ironically, I take good care of myself, or try to. Especially after Jim's heart attack. We don't eat meat, (a little fish and chicken)  we avoid processed foods and junk foods -- never eat that stuff -- don't drink diet sodas or sugar. We exercise every day. We take all kinds of vitamins and supplements. We drink purified water. We don't use toothpaste with flouride. We don't have a microwave. We don't smoke. We have an air purifier in the house.

Reasons or causes for this on-going crap aside --  whether it's alien crud, government mind control psy ops Dr. Evil experiments, chemtrails, the world we live in of pollution and urban drek, or I'm just a lucky dame --  the cavelair responses from health care workers is both interesting and frightening.

On the one hand they seem to think nothing much is going on. They don't bother taking cultures (finally one nurse in the ER decided it was a good idea; this after I had been to several doctors and ER visits, including two visits to a ENT guy who, when I later complained that he didn't take a culture and hey, doc, I have MRSA, told me he didn't expect to find MRSA, so didn't take a culture for it. Even though MRSA ear infections were rampant in our area at the time.) Later, I asked another doctor to take a culture to see if MRSA was still there; I was told "everyone has MRSA" and it "seems to be gone" this from looking in my ear. Recently, I was told it was now "MSSA" but no one seems to think that's anything. If it's not, fine, but tell me! Red eyes -- meaning, literally, red fucking eyes! -- doesn't seem to bother anyone either. Except me.  And so on.

All this tells me that health care professionals aren't being kept in the loop; meanwhile, the news stream keeps pumping out items about bugs, fungus, weird diseases, the importance of getting vaccinated. . . Fear. And loathing, in my case. I have a hell of a lot more loathing than I do fear. But "they" feed us fear; fungus from trees, which is "sure to spread," they tell us, but it's not a danger, even though some have died from it. Like the early days of the swine flu swirl; fear, anxiety, urges to get dosed. Even talk of mandatory vaccinations.

Soon we'll be hearing more about West Nile virus; summer is coming and already the local news has urged us to empty standing water because the mosquito larvae are out early this year.

It's interesting watching the media spin on these new super bug type illnesses, yet when one has something that's chronic and seemingly resistant, it's either treated as almost non-existant, or as seperate from the other crap. No wonder people go to healers and alternative sources for relief.

Deadly Super Fungus in Pacific NW

Now this is good news. A deadly fungus has invaded the NW:
A rare but potentially life-threatening tropical fungus is spreading through the Pacific Northwest, researchers have reported.

The culprit is a new strain of the Cryptococcus gatti fungus, and is known to have been lethal in 25 percent of the reported human infections.
It's a tropical fungus that lives on trees. According to the article, it lives in Australia, South America and Southeast Asia, but has been brought over on tropical plants to the NW.

The fungus is thought to live on the bark of about 10 species of trees, including Douglas fir and western hemlock. Epidemiologist Julie Harris of the Centers for Disease Control says the primary victims of infection have been people who spend a lot of time outdoors, often in contact with soil, and those who do woodwork and construction [Los Angeles Times].
It's not contagious, but if infected, a human needs a long term course of anti-biotics, and it's been fatal in some cases, as noted. Not to worry, yet the worry has now been released.
While the new strain is “highly virulent,” lead researcher Byrnes says there’s no cause for panic–just for vigilance. Overall it’s a pretty low threat, and it’s still uncommon in the area, but as the range of the organism expands and the number of cases increases accordingly, it’s becoming more of a concern,” he says [CNN]. Epidemiologist Philip Alcabes, Ph.D told CNN that the emergence of a new, mutant C. gatti strain is “pretty normal”
When I first read an item earlier today about this story that wasn't as informative, just a "deadly fungus invades NW" kind of thing, my first thought was chemtrails. Seems it's the trees, not chemtrails. I also wondered why, if this has been around for ten years, it' making the news rounds now.