Friday, March 19, 2010

VeriChip PositiveID (Illegally?) Chips Patients

For whatever perverse reasons, I lurk on the uber-pathological skeptoid forum -- JREF (James Randi) message board. Some days I just need to rant and get it all out, as my blog Snarly Skepticism will tell you. So lurking over there I found the following article on their newsletter section: Under Your Skin. My innate distaste for 99% of what goes on over there, just on general principle, aside, the article is worth reading.

The article takes a good look at the chipping done by PositiveID, which was VeriChip until recently,of Alzheimer’s patients in Florida.
Up to 200 test subjects, many incapacitated, were supplied by a nursing home in West Palm Beach called Alzheimer’s Community Care, which PositiveID has sponsored at fundraisers.
Many doctors are saying this is unethical. PositiveID states that the chipped patient will make it easy to locate the patient in the case of "hurricanes," but this seemingly good hearted concern is "misleading", says Dr. Robin Fiore:
This is not going to find lost people,” she said, noting that PositiveID’s chips are not GPS-equipped. “And if [the patients’ caregivers] think this will help them find their lost loves ones, they’re just confused. They’ve just been misinformed.” Mrs. Barnes also told USA Today that “both the patients and their legal guardians must consent to the implants before receiving them.” To the contrary, PositiveID admits that many patients were unable to give informed consent, so their legal guardians enrolled them.
Media clown Glen Beck likes this idea:
They have fantastic technology if you’re an Alzheimer’s patient,” he assured. But “it’s very, very bad if, say, Hitler has this technology.”
We good, Hitler bad.

Of course, the JREF article, while agreeing that the chipping of patients is not positive, thinks so for the wrong reasons. Basically their thing is the lack of science surrounding the chipping of humans.

PositiveID admits, according to the article, that no review board study took place before going ahead and chipping patients without their, or their families, consent. PositiveID insists nothing illegal, unethical, or -- and this is the point that escapes both the JREF and PositiveID -- the fascism that is taking over the world at alarming rates. The company calls this a "project" and not a "study" which is a semantic game to justify their agendas.

PositiveID plans to "conduct at study on people with diabetes in Florida" -- what does that mean? Chipping of diabetic patients? I'm reminded of the ads I see in the local newspapers inviting people to sign up for various studies. All expenses paid, sometimes a small diem, and you give yourself over to the those doing a "study" on your asthma, diabetes, menopausual joys of power surges, etc. Those ads always make me nervous, along with the mass hypnosis ones. (Hypnotist flies through town, sets up at a local conference hall, and hundreds of people pay to sit in audience to be hypnotized to stop smoking, or lose weight.)

The comments left by JREF members about this article are interesting as well. There are several comments asking why the article appeared on the JREF site, since it doesn't have anything to do with the mission of the JREF. Others are upset by "Fox bashing," and no one gets it.

But what do I know? I'm just a conspiracy kook.

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