Saturday, March 13, 2010

Unsure Your Neighbor is a Terrorist? Let the Experts Decide -- and Don't Pay With Cash

As I posted in the earlier post, the UK, England in particular, is the playground of the global-fascists. And what happens there happens here, eventually. (The reasons for this connection are not hard to understand if one looks at the collusions between the UK and the US during WWII, for example.)

(thanks to pigligpstick for the link)

I'm reminded of the scene in Wenders' 1991 The End of the World where a character tries to pay with cash, and, in doing so, sets off alarms and sirens and has the authorities after him, not to mention the ire of the shopowner. I couldn't find that scene but here's a clip from the Wim Wenders film:

As I remarked above; what happens in the UK is mirrored here, and vice versa as the following clip illustrates. In the Los Angeles area, there is "iWatch" not unlike Neighborhood Watch. iWatch encourages you to report suspiscious activity, even if you're not sure there's anything really going on because, don't worry, "let the experts decide."

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