Monday, January 18, 2010

Contactee Dana Howard: The "Psychic Octopus"

I'm reading Contactee Dana Howard's book Over the Threshold, in which she describes her many meetings with the Venusian entity Diane. In Chapter 10: On the Sub-Worlds, Diane discusses the lower realms of earth, where malignant energies dwell. Much of Diane's teachings in this chapter come to Dana via dreams. Among other entities, Dana meets the god of HATE:
Suddenly, the god of Hate waved a wand, and in an instant his co-conspirators vanished into a heavy, murky fog. Then, as unexpectedly as they had disappeared, they became manifest again. But a complete metamorphosis had taken place in the brief interlude. They were no longer horrible to look upon but had become smooth, suave creatures, garbed in the veneer of civilization In place of ugliness, they now possessed a sinister charm. As all earthlings know, this was the only ticket they needed for admission into human society. The transposition had re-created them handsome, after a fashion, their viciousness submerged. They were impeccable in their dress, clothed in the very best, a group well fitted for its odious task.
And so on. Later, Diane tells Dana that “the Satanic influence from this realm has always been felt on the earth plane above, but today the poisonous gases are escaping at a rapid rate.”  Diane insists that humans need to do what they can to “wipe out these archaic  slag-dumps of evil.”

And, towards the end of Diane’s lessons about the earth’s sub-world, she describes this “sub-world” as a “psychic octopus”:
But, as you have seen for yourself, the sub-world is a psychic octopus, devouring its victims, and reaching out for more.”

Dana Howard, Over the Threshold, Llewellyn Publications, 1957

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