Saturday, May 30, 2009

More Whale News: Rare Blue Whale Found Dead on NZ Beach"

Rare blue whale found dead on New Zealand beach">Rare Blue Whale Found Dead on New Zealand Beach
WELLINGTON, New Zealand – The carcass of a rare blue whale washed ashore in southern New Zealand after it apparently died of old age, a marine expert said Thursday.

The body — with bite wounds and its tail chewed off — already had been attacked by scavengers ahead of the rare stranding on New Zealand's South Island, Te Papa National Museum expert Anton van Helden told National Radio.

"It's ... probably the biggest recorded to have come ashore on the New Zealand coast," he said.

Fewer than 2,000 blue whales — the largest mammals known to have lived — remain from a population of 200,000 in 1900.

Very Sad: Dozens of whales perish on South African shore

Very sad story:Dozens of whales perish on South African shore I can just imagine what this was like; after many volunteers spent hours trying to save the whales, the whales were "humanely" shot and killed to end their suffering, their bodies bulldozed out into the sea:
Cape Town authorities mobilized the police, fire brigade, navy, lifeboat services, disaster management teams and expert divers as part of the rescue operation. They brought in six bulldozers to try to move the whales, which were about 3 meters (10 feet) long, back to sea. But the whales — part of the dolphin family — kept swimming back to shore and became increasingly stressed.

Plans to transport the whales by road to the nearby deep-water naval base in Simons Town were shelved when it was decided that their health had deteriorated too much.

Scientists then decided there was no alternative but to kill about 35 whales to prevent further suffering. A further 10 died of stress. And it was feared that the whales that did manage to escape were too exhausted to survive, according to Klopper.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Two items in the Register Guard today about the Oregon coast.
Marine reserves gaining ground will set aside areas that would be off limits to fishing:
House Bill 3013 calls for the establishment of two pilot projects, areas that would be declared off-­limits to fishing and other impacts, at Otter Rock near Newport and at Redfish Rocks near Port Orford. The bill would shift about $1 million in funding left over from the state’s removal of the wrecked New Carissa toward the study and implementation of the projects.

Still has to go to the senate.

Another item concerns the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Marine Operations Center, a federal agency, and its plans to move their operations from Seattle to Newport.Newport vies as site for NOAA operations There are other ports they're considering, but Newport sounds likely:
“The government is looking for the best value,” Bullock said. “Not necessarily the lowest bid.”

Port Manager Don Mann and others are optimistic they can make that case for Newport.

The port owns 5 acres of land in South Beach on which NOAA could construct new facilities to meet its needs.

“They can be out on the ocean in minutes here. At the Puget Sound location, it takes nearly all day to get out,” Mann said. “What that does is save them fuel; it’s an opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint.”

This is big news, for the impact it will have on Newport, and not just economically. Something that jumped out at me was this:
George Boehlert directs the Hatfield Marine Science Center, which also sits on Yaquina Bay. He said the marine operations center could tie in nicely with the federal government’s multimillion-dollar investment in an ocean observance system, which will involve laying cables and setting up stations in several sites around the country.

“Newport is already a pretty strong port in terms of the ability to work on research,” Boehlert said. “NOAA owns three of the buildings on our campus. It has a pretty big presence here already.”

Monday, May 25, 2009

Navy To Test Prototype Swine Flu Vaccine on Humans

The Navy will test a prototype of a Swine flu vaccine, developed by Vical Incorporated.
The company previously announced that it has entered into a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the U.S. Naval Medical Research Center (NMRC), a biomedical research organization within the U.S. Navy, to advance into clinical testing as quickly as possible a Vaxfectin(r)-formulated H1 DNA vaccine.

Vical hopes to get the money they need:
We have already demonstrated the speed of our technology by producing an H1 vaccine and initiating animal testing while others are still assessing the situation. Vical is uniquely positioned to quickly produce an H1 influenza vaccine, building on our successful completion last year of Phase 1 human trials of our H5 influenza vaccine. Our biggest remaining hurdles are not technological, but financial. We are eager to secure the required financial resources as soon as possible to allow continued development in collaboration with the U.S. Navy, and to make vaccine supplies available before they are needed."

The rest is here.

The Animals are Attacking: Your Daily Paranoid Dose of a Strange Reality

For some time, I've been intrigued by stories of animal behavior that is out of the expected - when animals attack, exhibit weird behavior. For awhile there I was keeping a file of these items. I had no idea what I wanted to do with the data; so I stopped.

But I'm revisiting this phenomena. Is this animal behavior a response to earth changes? Something more, something beyond? Are they signals, signs? Obviously some of it is due humans invading their habitat, but I also think that just scratches the surface; there are other causes for this behavior that's connected with other, seemingly unrelated events.

Swine flu, sure. And the murders; they haven't stopped, and we're still seeing daily reports of random shootings/killings, along with parents -- both fathers and mothers -- killing their children.

I can't get away from the nagging idea these things are connected by the same thread.

Here we have a story about aggressive deer in Pulaski County in southwestern Virginia.

Komodo Dragons are attacking humans in Indonesia.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Swine Flu Signals: The Over Fifty Set

A characteristic of the swine flu saga concerns the contradictory nature of the blips the media puts out there. Swine flue is on the wane, it's on the rise. Don't worry, but schools shut down. Swine flu isn't that serious, but watch out for the Fall, for it's coming back stronger than ever, and so on.

I just read the other day that swine flu doesn't seem to affect people older than fifty. Then today's news item give us the following story, of a woman in her fifties who died of swine flu:
A woman died over the weekend of swine flu, becoming the city's second victim and the nation's 11th.

The woman, who was in her 50s, had other health conditions, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene spokeswoman Jessica Scaperotti said. No other information on her case was disclosed Sunday.

You can read the rest here.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Keep UFO Hunters on Air!

Lesley posted this on Women Of Esoterica, and I'm passing it along. We need UFO Hunters!

Bill has just finished filming for Season 3 and I don't know if there will be a Season 4. Maybe you -- plus some pals -- can write to the network and let them know you would like to see more episodes:

or you can sign a petition:

Either way, it can't hurt, and it just might help!

Keeping hope alive!



Swine Flu Signals: Vaccine is Coming

The swine flu news has been surreal and contradictory, alerting us to the flu pandemic/epidemic that isn't. Schools have shut down, people have died, travelers have been quarantined, and warnings have come that swine flu will return with a vengeance in the Fall. At the same time we're told not to panic. One day is up, next day is down.

An AP release today informs us of that the U.S. is "moving closer to swine flu vaccine"
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hopes to deliver one or both to vaccine manufacturers by the end of next week so scientists can begin the months-long process of producing shots.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hopes to deliver one or both to vaccine manufacturers by the end of next week so scientists can begin the months-long process of producing shots.

The article goes on to remind us that "85" people have died from the swine flu, and for "every 20" people diagnosed there are many more walking around with the flu that don't know it. In up/down fashion, we're then also told the flu is "declining."

Work on the vaccine continues:
If one or both prove usable, manufacturers could begin producing pilot lots for testing this summer to see if the shots are safe, trigger immune protection and require one dose or two.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Daily Swine Flu Mentions

The swine flu just will not go away. I try to avoid mentioning it but it keeps coming around. In today's paper there were three different items about swine flu, and on the Register Guard's website, a few more, including a link to a map of swine flu outbreaks.

1. An item about school closures due to swine flu in Oregon.
2. Swine flu outbreak map
3. Cases of swine flue in Washington state
4. Swine flu seems to have boosted tourism somehow: Swine flu a windfall for some ports

Why do I continue, in spite of my intent, to be fascinated by this constant undercurrent of swine flu news? I suppose it's because, in part, my way of dealing with "them" -- it's so damn obvious this is one huge twisted ball of disinformation and distraction, to instill confusion and fear, as well as get us ready for the next thing.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Swine Flu Sickness: It's Over (isn't it?)

Meaning, sick of the swine flu saga. . .

Trying to keep up with all the swine flu news items has become too time consuming, but I've noticed, as I'm sure many of you have, the following blips from media about the flu:

1. World wide
2. It's slowing down, if not pretty much over
3. Schools have closed down; the day after three schools in my city closed down, media reported that the "U.S. government" urges schools and other institutions not to close down.
4. No cure
5. It'll be back, stronger than ever, in the Fall
6. xenophobia reigns; (China's quarantine of travelers with Mexican passports, Americans calling it the "Mexican flu," and so on. . .)
7. Contradictory messages and images, often right next to each other, about hand washing, school closures, potency, deaths, . . .
8. References to bird flu, pandemics, and the Spanish flu of 1918
9. Local health agencies "getting ready" for medicines, stockpiling, even though there's no specific "swine flu" anecdote
10. Fear, confusion, contradictions, distractions.
11. Origins debate: it came from Mexico, from Canada, from Fort Dix.
12. Scapegoating and animal sacrifice: pig slaughters

It'll be interesting to see what the Fall brings in terms of swine flu, and the media-government response.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

red pill junkie: "Mexicans: The New Lepers"

red pill junkie has a blog entry on The Daily Grail: Mexicans: The New Lepers. Amongst all the other stuff about the swine flu, there's the scapegoating of a culture; the xenophobia, the justifications for bigotry, the opportunity for those who harbor prejudice, and overall stupidity.

Swine Flu Sputterings

(Sounds a bit disgusting . . .)

Observing how powerful the media can be; while washing your hands and coughing into your sleeve and covering your mouth and all that stuff is said non-stop to children in schools, they are oblivious. In the midst of cold/flu season, whenever, doesn't matter, kids ignore the nagging and continue their kid ways, even as everyone is sick with the crud. Yet in the past week or so I've noticed many students who run off to wash their hands every time they've touched someone, make comments about swine flu, "the pig cold," etc.

Today, in my own neighborhood, two public schools, one private, and one college closed for the day. Other areas in Oregon have had school closures as well.

Also today, I read on the Internet that the government now recommends against school closures, for the swine flu is not as bad as they thought.

It seems clear this has all been a practice run in instilling fear and control. . .

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Swine Signals Continues

Local update in my area on the elementary school illness in today's Register Guard in School investigating cause of stomach illness

A stomach bug — coupled with worries about catching it — kept 173 students and three staff members . . . home Friday . . .

The district is working with public health officials to determine the cause of the illness, but the symptoms don’t fit the pattern of either swine flu or food poisoning,

Symptoms include vomiting and diarrhea. Upper respiratory distress, which is associated with swine flu and many other types of flu, doesn’t seem to be a component . . .

Notice no mention in this third item about the school and the disinfecting they had to do; that was only mentioned the first time.

And this item, at a child care facility on the University of Oregon campus:
Swine flu comes to Lane County Oregon now has five probable cases, with two suspected local cases involving elementary school children in Eugene:
One of the suspected local cases is an elementary-school-age child at the University of Oregon’s Moss Street Children’s Center on the UO campus, according to the university. The child has been home recovering from the flu since April 27, and has not attended the after-school program for the past four days, the UO said. The facility, along with two others on campus, will remain open.

At a different elemenatry school across town from the one with the 100+ students out with the mysterious stomach illness is a possible swine flu case:
The case has not been confirmed, and the school expects the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to have test results in the next few days

The news, locally and nationally, is full of contradictions. Swine flu is down, it's up, schools, etc. are closed, but don't panic. Statistics are thrown out; yet fewer people have died from this flu than during other "normal" flu outbreaks. Caution is advised all over the place, we're told to wash our hands and avoid contact with "sick people" as if we're morons, and told to stay home if we don't feel well. Many of us don't have health insurance or the kinds of jobs where "staying home" is an option, and we all know what the economic climate is now. We're inudated with news and updates, along with the images of people wearing masks, going about their usual routines, or lab coated authorities staring intently at test tubes of presumbly swine flu killing potions.

Oregon is expected to receive the state’s allotment of anti-viral drugs from the federal emergency stockpile today.

Oregon Human Services Director Bruce Goldberg said at a legislative hearing Friday morning that the state will receive about 500,000 doses of the drugs, along with supplies of gloves and masks. He said health officials have no plans to dispatch anti-virals at this point.

“We don’t think there is a need to distribute it,” he said.

And yet, we read on to find:
Still, Kohn warned the virus could potentially evolve into a pandemic, especially in the coming months.

No vaccination for swine flu is expected to be available until the fall, Goldberg said, echoing comments of federal health officials. ( Swine flu comes to Lane County Oregon

So what are the "anti-viral" drugs being sent to the state for?

The other night I was watching the local news, and I was struck by the juxtaposition of being told of all the cases of swine flu, potential swine flu, preparations of vaccines or at any rate, stuff, local authorities are expecting any day now, while also being told not to worry, not to panic, and things are really just fine. All the while, they were showing an image of an official looking person wearing gloves and a mask surrounded by medical equipment and sparkling tubes. I guess the intent was to either scare us -- masked scientist holding a tube of something, from something . . . or to comfort us -- scientist taking care of everything.

I didn't watch the news tonight on television, but was curious about their presentations, so went to the CBS affliate, KVAL, website. Right there on the first page we see an image of a masked woman with "FLU OUTBREAK" in big letters by her face, and nine different links to stories or items about the flu. KEZI had four; three links to articles and one linked button -- 2009 Flu Info -- which gives you codes for different swine flu widgets.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Swine Signals: Local Oregon Weirdness

Swine flu hits Oregon. But, according to Fox News local news station last night,(paraphrasing) "the swine flu hasn't hit Oregon yet but there is at least one case reported from Portland, and Western University has shut down until Monday because of the flu." Today's local newspaper the Register Guard had two items about swine flu: the above mentioned case in the Portland area, and this interesting article: GETTING READY FOR TEST RUN: Oregon Medical Laboratories is preparing for a surge in demand for swine flu tests:"
“Given the fact that there have been confirmed cases in Washington state, and, as of (Thursday afternoon), one suspected case in Oregon, that interest is justified. We’re preparing for a much larger increase in testing.”
The situation is evolving rapidly, he said.

And the following comment gives further support to the so-called conspiracy theory that the swine flu was intentionally created, and released, into the population:
It was serendipitous timing that the lab recently had acquired sophisticated and expensive equipment, which is able to detect influenza and give an idea of the type, with a 24-hour turnaround, Liao said.

MRSA continues, including school district staff with MRSA not getting answers from school districts; rather, the "answers" are contradictory and insulting. Synchronicity; the mainstream apologist medical advice column "Dr. Donohue" had an item today about MRSA: MRSA: Super germ resistant to antibiotics Also see my article for Book of Thoth: MRSA and Morgellons: Jangled Messages

Back to the swine flu, the district I work for sent a highly insulting pdf to employees, chock full of advice on how to avoid "getting the swine flu." Wash your hands, avoid contact with "sick people," and stay home if you're sick. As if we're idiots who never heard of hand washing before. And please tell me how the hell we're supposed to "avoid contact with sick students and staff" -- in a public school? My response to that is: what the hell are school districts doing to ensure our health and safety??!!

Meanwhile, a local elementary school in my neighborhood had a weird outbreak of over one hundred combined students who either called in sick, or went home sick -- in one day! -- from some sort of stomach affliction, with diarrhea and vomiting. The district, according to the news, insisted it wasn't food poisoning, nor swine flu. While they didn't close down the school, they did spend the night disinfecting the school, this last bit of info not mentioned in the update article posted below:
Scores of Cesar Chavez, Family students out ill, by Anne Williams

Posted to Web: Friday, May 1, 2009 03:14PM
News Updates: Story

A stomach bug — coupled with worries about catching it — kept 173 students at Cesar Chavez Elementary School and Family School home Friday, Eugene School District spokeswoman Kerry Delf said.

The district is working with public health officials to determine the cause of the illness, but the symptoms don’t fit the pattern of either swine flu or food poisoning, Delf said.

While some students were ill Friday, quite a few stayed home simply because their parents were concerned they’d catch the bug, she said. Symptoms include vomiting and diarrhea. Upper respiratory distress, which is associated with swine flu and many other types of flu, doesn’t seem to be a component, she said — though she said some absent students probably have garden-variety colds or flu, not the stomach bug.

Interesting how there's no mention of the disinfection from the earlier item:

"Facilities crews spent Thursday evening cleaning and sanitizing the school. . . "
(Register Guard, Friday, May 1, 2009, print edition, City/Region section, page B3.)
Roughly a third of students became ill. (the school has an approximate 500 students.)

An update: district official notice about a "suspected case" in one school, and under what conditions schools may be closed down.

More local anomalous weirdness: a mini tornado, or hurricane, or something, hit a specif location -- again in a school -- the other day. One adult was "levitated" by the strong wind: Strong gust of wind lifts bench, scatters debris at South Eugene High.