Monday, December 21, 2009

Volunteer for Swine Flu Injections!

I don't know if this is happening nationally - - wouldn't be surprised if it is -- but locally (Oregon) nurses and other qualified health personnel are being asked to volunteer their time to give out swine flu injections. (See Need for Needlers, Eugene Register Guard.)

At the same time, we're being told there isn't enough of the vaccine to inject everyone.

But you can buy a swine flu plushie to keep you company until you do get injected.

Also, the swine flu vaccine has been recalled here in Oregon in various places, for various reasons.

And we're being told that the flu is up, it's down, up, down. . . a constant barrage of mixed messages: there's enough vaccine, there isn't, it's safe, it's recalled, etc. The swine flu stream has been continous, though uneven in its degrees of hysteria. The important thing has always been the presence of the message. Now swine flu has settled in comfortably, and we'll see what the New Year brings in terms of new fears, new flues, and new drugs.

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