Saturday, December 26, 2009

"Now-a-days, all we get is slush"

Jim and I spent a lovely, quiet Christmas day enjoying corny old movies. One of the many movies we watched was Holiday Affair with Robert Mitchum, Janet Leigh, and Wendell Corey.  Released in 1949, the black and white romantic comedy is about a war widow raising her son, and the two men who both want to marry her.

I thought the following exchange between the two male characters a little startling because of what we're experiecning today with global warming/climate changes.  Meeting each other for the first time, they're both uncomfortable since they're both interested in the same woman and make a clumsy attempt at conversation. In Janet Leigh's apartment, standing in front of the fireplace, they have the following exchange, which isn't verbatim, but close:
Carl Davis/Corey: "They say it's going to be a white Christmas this year."
Steve Mason/Mitchum: "That’ll be nice."
Carl/Corey: "Usually now a days, all we get is slush."
Steve/Mitchum: "Yeah, ten years ago, we had snow all the time."
Carl/Corey: "Now, it's all slush"
Stever /Mithcum: "Yeah. Must be because of the atomic bomb."
Carl/Corey: "Yeah."

That wasn't the exact wording, and I don't remember who said what, but that's the gist of it. It was a bit startling to hear two characters make note of climate changes and the possibility those changes had to do with humanities interference with nature sixty years ago!

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