Friday, December 11, 2009

Fish From Space

The Anomalist featured a link today from the Forgetomori blog: A Fishy "Space Monster." The post is from November, and shares the following:
Mikhail Gershtein, from St. Petersburg, Russia, sent me the “beautiful” alien scan above, from James Moseley’s Saucer News, Vol14 N4, 1967-68.

It’s a “’Space Monster’ allegedly found recently in Russia by a farmer named Vasily Dubichev”. The source for such spectacular story? “The Feb 26 edition of the National Examiner”. Not exactly (or perhaps exactly) where you would expect this kind of news to come from.

The image from Saucer News reminded me of the 2007 story, also from Russia, about an "alien fish" found by Russian fisherman. I wrote about it for UFO Digest in February of 2007: Squeaking Alien Eaten: UFOs and High Strangeness in Rostov, Russia:
According to the account in Pravda, fisherman in Rostov, Russia, caught a strange “shark-looking” creature. Images of the weird creature were taken with a cell phone. Then they ate it. The logic being, in part anyway, that they weren’t “scared” of the creature, so saw no reason not to eat it. It was quite delectable, too, according to one of the fisherman.

In typical Trickster fashion, where odd coincidences and relationships exist in the land of anomalies and UFOs, we find that Rostov, and the surrounding areas, have seen its share of UFOs and strange creatures.

Picture of the "alien" found in Russia

Rostov, Russia has its share of UFO sightings and related events, going back decades. (Rostov is in the North Caucasus region, and borders the Vorenezh region, also Ukraine.) Any internet search will turn up lots of interesting cases. Undoubtedly many of the UFOs seen were, and are, military objects from within Russia as well as outside the country. But overall, there are a high number of UFO cases that occurred in the Rostov region. A random and short sampling:
Liudmila Goryacheva filmed a UFO in Rostov; the sighting was picked up by the Rostov and Moscow news agencies. The sightings continued for a month.(Flier’s Files)

But probably the most well known case is the September 27, 1989 Voronezh, Russia entity and UFO sighting. Several children saw a nine foot, three eyed-entity, accompanied by a robotic being of some kind. The UFO landed just outside the city of Voronezh, and, like something from The Day the Earth Stood Still, the alien shot a weapon at one of the witnesses. This incident is problematic in many ways, but it is clear something very weird and highly unusual happened. In some ways it reminds me of Marian apparitions, witnessed by children, with accompanying high strangeness.
Following the bad vintage monster movie theme, I found the monster from the 1958 movie It Conquered the World similar to the Russian alien fish.

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