Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Bomber's Underwear and a New Year's Celtic Knot

Boing Boing and piglipstick comment on the media's crazy weird obsession with the Nigerian bomber's underwear. Complete with photos; several of them. As Boing Boing comments:
This is the creepiest wide-distribution media image I can remember seeing for many years. What distasteful internet parodies and fetish riffs may yet come?

It surely is creepy, as well as a morbid distraction. piglipstick calls this latest round of distasteful disinfo "security theater." End of year nervousness is kept ramped with stories of strange signs in the skies (BVM, blue spirals, pyramids over the Kremlin), attacks on leaders (red hooded woman attacks Pope, Italy's PM attacked), and shadowy lore surrounding the latest "terrorist" attack on US soil. A well dressed man seems to have facilitated the Nigerian's passage, sans passport, he comes from a wealthy and respected family, the US was warned yet did nothing,his Yemen connections, our Yemen connections,  and it all comes down to exploding underwear.

We're still witnessing the swine flu current, but that's old news. Bigger, faster and more stuff is needed. Jittery, and edging closer to 2012.  New York City's New Year's Eve ball has been redesigned. The ball has close to three hundred Waterford crystal triangles, which have been arranged so they represent a Celtic knot that continues the events theme, which is "Let There Be Courage."

Some 288 of the ball's 2,668 Waterford crystal triangles will be replaced this year with new ones featuring the Celtic knot design. Straus said it evokes the yellow ribbons that welcome home soldiers or red ribbons for AIDS awareness.

"Let There Be Courage?" In the face of what? This barely twilight language theme implies there's much we need courage for. Telling comments from Straus: yellow ribbons, (war) red ribbons (a war of a different kind.)  Setting the stage for something to come...


NYC's New Year's Eve ball gets new crystal; new iPhone app lets revelers make virtual toasts

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