Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chemtrail Talk by Clifford Carnicom in Portland, OR

I'm posting this announcement of an upcoming talk on chemtrails by Clifford Carnicom. This comes to me by way of Richard Frager.

On Saturday September 12th hear Clifford Carnicom talk on the Aerosol Operation being done in our skies. The title of the talk is the Environmental and Biological Consequences of Aerosols. The Location will be the Friends Meeting House located at 4312 S.E. Stark St Portland Oregon. The lecture will start at 230 PM and will be followed by a question and answer period. The cost of the event will be $10. Attached is a flier for the event. Please print and pass out to friends and family.

Below is a description of the talk and Clifford's Bio

Clifford Carnicom will speak about his latest research on the aerosol operations that have affected the welfare of this planet for more than a decade. In addition, special emphasis will be given to a series of unusual and remarkable biological findings that have major implications for the state of our health.

Clifford Carnicom has been a researcher on the aerosol operations (aka Chemtrails) for the past 11 years. His work examines a broad range of applications including environmental control, military, electromagnetic, surveillance and geophysical applications, biological operations and geophysical considerations. He has produced an award-winning, non-profit documentary on the aerosol issue that is distributed worldwide. Currently a computer consultant, Clifford was a research scientist and federal employee for 15 years with three different agencies, including the U.S. Department of Defense. He has held a high level security clearance. His research can be found at

Contact information Tim Titrud 503-701-3481

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