Sunday, August 9, 2009

"School Nurses on front lines in war on swine flu"

This is startling: School Nurses On Front Lines in War on Swine Flu, from the Courier-Journal.

School nurses all over the U.S. are being prepped to be ready for the fall:
The Milwaukee nurses are armed with new flu-symptom tracking sheets they'll use to update area health officials.

Nurses are on prepared to be on the move if need be:
In San Joaquin County, Calif., “we are very busy preparing for this,” says Sheri Coburn, a registered nurse who directs health services for schools there. Officials in her area have agreed, she says, to move teams of school nurses from county to county, if needed, to staff vaccination clinics.

Hmmm, wonder how this will play out in some school districts around here, where one school nurse is expected to cover several schools, and often on a less than full time basis?

There's also this reminder/meme:
. . . school-age children are on the government's priority list for H1N1 vaccines and may even be vaccinated in schools.

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