Saturday, August 8, 2009

First Swine Flu Death in Lane County

First swine flu death in Lane County, which is the county I live in. The article in the Register Guard says the woman had "underlying chronic illnesses" but as usual, those illnesses aren't listed. What I found strange was this comment by Dr. Sarah Hendricksen, an active and well known doctor who's been around for years (and in fact, I was a patient -- very briefly -- of hers many, many years ago.) and is now the Lane County Public Health Officer, said:
While the woman’s death is the first in the county, she won’t be the last local resident to die from the disease, Hendrickson said. She said conventional seasonal influenza, which hits in late fall and winter, kills about 500 people each year in Oregon.

“The new (swine) flu will certainly kill that many and make a lot more sick,” she said. “It will probably kill more people than seasonal flu.

No details of the deceased were given.

There's a poll on the Register Guard site asking if the recent death in Lane County has prompted one to get a swine flu vaccination. Half the respondents replied no.

I couldn't find the link on-line but in the same edition in the main section was an article about swine flu shots coming soon; the usual warnings and subtle scare tactics.

More here: County sees first swine flu fatality

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