Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Swine Flu Vaccine: Women and Children First

TV on, commercial breaks, not paying much attention, when a quick news clip just kind of flashed on; camera zooms in on pregnant women's stomachs, voice over says something along the lines of "Pregnant women should be the first to get the swine flu vaccine" and a comment about "at risk" and that was that. "Hmmmm," I said to myself. "That's interesting."

It seems to me that injecting a vaccine barely tested, and having a really bad track record in the 1970s (in its previous incarnation) while pregnant wouldn't be the best idea for baby. Let alone mom. Some 1970s propaganda:

And the Sixty Minutes segment from the same era:

The other group being targeted: children. In schools. As I've posted here before, it's unclear at this point if the vaccines are to be given in the schools; or of course, if the vaccines are to be mandated.

Pregnant women and children first. Ostensibly because they're at the highest risk, and our most valuable commodity, so the myth goes. Reality tells us a very different story: as long as their are children living in poverty, homeless, without health care, etc. we don't have anything close to the claim children are our most precious resource. But that's another rant for another day.

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