Saturday, July 18, 2009

Eugene, Oregon: "Swine Flu Hitting Local Residents"

As I noted in the post below, written last night -- watch out, for we'll be seeing more and more swine flu memes, alerts and little news bits on the swine flu. Sure enough, in this morning's Register Guard, on the front page is this item titled Swine flu hitting local residents." The item notes that there are the Sacred Heart Hospital at Riverbend is treating 13 people for swine flu, and another 40 have received care from other health centers in the area. The first confirmed case of swine flu in the area was in May.

As to the vaccine, now it seems one will need (and hopefully not mandated) to take not one, but two doses:
"Federal officials say they expect several hundred million doses of swine flu vaccine to be available by fall, though it will require two shots, in addition to a separate shot for seasonal flu,"

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