Thursday, July 16, 2009

Andrew Colvin Interview

Andrew Colvin, along with Adam Gorightly, Joan D'Arc, Peter Lavenda, Iona Miller, Pinchbeck, a few others, have it right, or close to it, in my opinion. They go about it in their own way but I'd put them in the same category. Anyway, listen to Colvin (author of Mothman Photographer's series) on this podcast.

Yeah, it's "dark" but it's still truly esoteric, in that just about all sides consider this perspective kooky and embarrassing. Some UFO researchers and paranormal/anomalous researchers would gain from going in this direction. It's a fine line between this kind of thing -- and I don't neccesarily share in all of the opinions or theories expressed -- and the horrible yellow journalism, drama queen hysterics of Jeff Rense. It's the process, the style I guess; looking at tendrils of that estoeric octopus. More on this later, meantime, listen to the interview, and if you haven't read any of Gorightly's books or Colvin's.

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