Friday, June 5, 2009

The Swine Flu Swing

They're still at it; ensuring that the swine flu meme is still alive. Aside from the contradictory nature of news items about swine flu, there are the lulls in the attention given. Not much lately, then, sure enough, I notice two separate items in today's local paper.

The first item, in the "World" section on page 2 of The Register Guard newspaper: Spread of swine flu will continue, by-line Mexico City. The CDC warns that the flu "will continue to be a threat south of the equator. . . South America already has had more than 600 cases, including one death in Chile, while Australia has reported more than 500." More statistics follow, of swine flu cases in Mexico, etc. including deaths.

The second item, on page 3, tells us that: Swine flu deaths reported in three states, out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, reporting on "new deaths," including one from Wisconsin, but "Milwaukee Health commissioner Bevan Baker would not release any details. . .except to say that the person was an adult who had a common underlying health condition that he would not specify."

So we have warnings, little items of fear released, the reminder that this is on a global level. We also have contradicitons: while it's world wide with people dying exacerbated by "common" health conditions, no details are released; it's going to continue, but don't panic.

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