Saturday, May 30, 2009

Very Sad: Dozens of whales perish on South African shore

Very sad story:Dozens of whales perish on South African shore I can just imagine what this was like; after many volunteers spent hours trying to save the whales, the whales were "humanely" shot and killed to end their suffering, their bodies bulldozed out into the sea:
Cape Town authorities mobilized the police, fire brigade, navy, lifeboat services, disaster management teams and expert divers as part of the rescue operation. They brought in six bulldozers to try to move the whales, which were about 3 meters (10 feet) long, back to sea. But the whales — part of the dolphin family — kept swimming back to shore and became increasingly stressed.

Plans to transport the whales by road to the nearby deep-water naval base in Simons Town were shelved when it was decided that their health had deteriorated too much.

Scientists then decided there was no alternative but to kill about 35 whales to prevent further suffering. A further 10 died of stress. And it was feared that the whales that did manage to escape were too exhausted to survive, according to Klopper.

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