Friday, May 1, 2009

Swine Signals: Local Oregon Weirdness

Swine flu hits Oregon. But, according to Fox News local news station last night,(paraphrasing) "the swine flu hasn't hit Oregon yet but there is at least one case reported from Portland, and Western University has shut down until Monday because of the flu." Today's local newspaper the Register Guard had two items about swine flu: the above mentioned case in the Portland area, and this interesting article: GETTING READY FOR TEST RUN: Oregon Medical Laboratories is preparing for a surge in demand for swine flu tests:"
“Given the fact that there have been confirmed cases in Washington state, and, as of (Thursday afternoon), one suspected case in Oregon, that interest is justified. We’re preparing for a much larger increase in testing.”
The situation is evolving rapidly, he said.

And the following comment gives further support to the so-called conspiracy theory that the swine flu was intentionally created, and released, into the population:
It was serendipitous timing that the lab recently had acquired sophisticated and expensive equipment, which is able to detect influenza and give an idea of the type, with a 24-hour turnaround, Liao said.

MRSA continues, including school district staff with MRSA not getting answers from school districts; rather, the "answers" are contradictory and insulting. Synchronicity; the mainstream apologist medical advice column "Dr. Donohue" had an item today about MRSA: MRSA: Super germ resistant to antibiotics Also see my article for Book of Thoth: MRSA and Morgellons: Jangled Messages

Back to the swine flu, the district I work for sent a highly insulting pdf to employees, chock full of advice on how to avoid "getting the swine flu." Wash your hands, avoid contact with "sick people," and stay home if you're sick. As if we're idiots who never heard of hand washing before. And please tell me how the hell we're supposed to "avoid contact with sick students and staff" -- in a public school? My response to that is: what the hell are school districts doing to ensure our health and safety??!!

Meanwhile, a local elementary school in my neighborhood had a weird outbreak of over one hundred combined students who either called in sick, or went home sick -- in one day! -- from some sort of stomach affliction, with diarrhea and vomiting. The district, according to the news, insisted it wasn't food poisoning, nor swine flu. While they didn't close down the school, they did spend the night disinfecting the school, this last bit of info not mentioned in the update article posted below:
Scores of Cesar Chavez, Family students out ill, by Anne Williams

Posted to Web: Friday, May 1, 2009 03:14PM
News Updates: Story

A stomach bug — coupled with worries about catching it — kept 173 students at Cesar Chavez Elementary School and Family School home Friday, Eugene School District spokeswoman Kerry Delf said.

The district is working with public health officials to determine the cause of the illness, but the symptoms don’t fit the pattern of either swine flu or food poisoning, Delf said.

While some students were ill Friday, quite a few stayed home simply because their parents were concerned they’d catch the bug, she said. Symptoms include vomiting and diarrhea. Upper respiratory distress, which is associated with swine flu and many other types of flu, doesn’t seem to be a component, she said — though she said some absent students probably have garden-variety colds or flu, not the stomach bug.

Interesting how there's no mention of the disinfection from the earlier item:

"Facilities crews spent Thursday evening cleaning and sanitizing the school. . . "
(Register Guard, Friday, May 1, 2009, print edition, City/Region section, page B3.)
Roughly a third of students became ill. (the school has an approximate 500 students.)

An update: district official notice about a "suspected case" in one school, and under what conditions schools may be closed down.

More local anomalous weirdness: a mini tornado, or hurricane, or something, hit a specif location -- again in a school -- the other day. One adult was "levitated" by the strong wind: Strong gust of wind lifts bench, scatters debris at South Eugene High.

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