Sunday, May 10, 2009

Daily Swine Flu Mentions

The swine flu just will not go away. I try to avoid mentioning it but it keeps coming around. In today's paper there were three different items about swine flu, and on the Register Guard's website, a few more, including a link to a map of swine flu outbreaks.

1. An item about school closures due to swine flu in Oregon.
2. Swine flu outbreak map
3. Cases of swine flue in Washington state
4. Swine flu seems to have boosted tourism somehow: Swine flu a windfall for some ports

Why do I continue, in spite of my intent, to be fascinated by this constant undercurrent of swine flu news? I suppose it's because, in part, my way of dealing with "them" -- it's so damn obvious this is one huge twisted ball of disinformation and distraction, to instill confusion and fear, as well as get us ready for the next thing.

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  1. I agree 100% with you. I think what the gov has already said is very true in that this winter will be the BIG slap. I also think they wanted the kids returned to school so more human infections would result and keep the virus running without anymore need to reinfect people on their part. I Live south of Eugene, Orygun and I don't think we have had one case down here yet, but lately its hard to get any correct info on the virus or the unemployment rate.

    Ps. I love Nannerpuss