Saturday, April 4, 2009

Near Bonneville Dam: Three Sea Lions Killed

Eight sea lions were trapped Friday by the ODFW (Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.) Some were put back in the sea, one went to a Zoo, -- in Texas!-- and "one was killed because of health concerns."

Three others were killed later; two because of an infection, one was "euthanized due to other, unnamed health reasons."

The sea lions like to hang out near dams because of the salmon. "Fish ladders" at the dams allow the salmon to swim upstreams to spawn. It's not clear why the sea lions are considered a problem; not enough salmon for the rest of us? Or interfering with the damn in some way?

Read how ODFW blundered, and their explanations at the Sea Lion Defense Brigade.
Yesterday Sea Lion Defense Brigadiers informed the public that eight sea lions were captured, and that 6 of them are on the state’s hit list. At that time, ODFW provided the following brand identification numbers for those animals: C554, C586, C578, C579, C657, C699. Sea Lion advocates checked those numbers against the hit list, the list of animals authorized for “lethal removal,” and found that C657 does not appear on that list. Advocates immediately contacted ODFW spokesman Rick Hargrave to seek clarification, and to demand that ODFW release any animals not indicated on the hit list.

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