Friday, April 24, 2009

Murders, Suicides and Killings and Now Close to Home

For awhile there, it seemed there was a "random" killing/murder/suicide every day. Andrew Colvin, among many other esoteric-Forteans, have interesting theories on these kinds of deaths; their timing, their cause, etc. More on that later.

But I was beginning to get ... I don't know, not freaked out, exactly,but something... about posting these. As I posted on my Facebook page, it's naive to ignore these killings, but at the same time, it's morbid to keep such close tabs on them. Or, is it? Author,psychic and healer
Nahu has some interesting things to say about this. Either way, I had to take a break. The day I put out the clear intent I wasn't going to post anymore about these (at least for awhile until I can get clearer about my purpose I had one of these kinds of murders/deaths close to home. I won't say anymore about that except to note the eerie and tragic nature of this phenomena in general, and the fact it came close.

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