Friday, April 17, 2009

Murder - Suicide in Long Beach, California

This one in Long Beach, California at a hospital: Long Beach Memorial Medical Center. Some strange things about this, like trying to find my local paper, the Eugene Register Guard's, item on this on-line, which was in the print edition this morning. Couldn't find it on-line right off, and then, in the L.A. Times on-line version, it didn't pop up right away. I found this odd:
Early reports said there was a murder-suicide but that report is unconfirmed.

Derek Bell reporting overhead in Sky 9 confirmed that “there are two victims” but also said police were not actively searching for a gunman.

Then the item jumps to:
Three people were shot — two fatally — just before noon in a lobby at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center.

A source told The Times two of the wounded died and that the third is in grave condition. Long Beach police closed off the large hospital complex on Atlantic Avenue.

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