Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Random shootings

It seems morbid to comment on observations about random mass killings; it's a perilous area, certainly gloomy, something creepy and gratuitous about making it a point to give attention to these stories. Yet I can't be unaware that in recent weeks, there have been a large number of seemingly unrelated, "random" killings across the country. No doubt the usual response from mainstream culture commentators would have something to do with our cold harsh economic reality right now, and so on...but I can't help but view things like this through an esoteric lens along with a dash of paranoia. If nothing else, these murders are omens of things to come, either symbolically or literally.

In Santa Clara, California, a murder suicide, six people, including "at least three children" were killed.

A Massachusetts man kills his sisters, including a five year old, before he was killed by police.

A North Carolina nursing home is site of a killing spree; a nurse and seven residents are killed.

The above is just very recently; a look at past weeks will reveal several other similar cases across the U.S.

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