Monday, March 23, 2009

Owls Out of Place

Naveed at Naveed's Realm has a post about an odd owl sighting he had in 2006. Naveed saw a white owl; it's not clear if he saw it during the night or day but I have the impression it was at night. (Naveed; day or night? :)
More semi-spooky stuff; read his post for more. I think synchronicity was definitely at work there.

I had a white owl sighting during the day several years ago . . . we were driving on the highway in a rural area; there, just sitting in a tree facing the road, was a white owl. We slowed down to look at it; it was all just so weird. We commented on how odd it was and it kind of spooked us, I'm not sure why.

Owls are nocturnal, but according to the information on Wikipedia, some owls hunt at different times:
Most owls are nocturnal, actively hunting for prey only under the cover of darkness. Several types of owl, however, are crepuscular, or active during the twilight hours of dawn and dusk; one example is the pygmy owl (Glaucidium). A few owls are also active during the day; examples are the Burrowing Owl (Speotyto cunicularia) and the Short-eared Owl (Asio flammeus). The time at which an owl hunts is correlated with the colour of its eyes: dark brown or black eyes indicate nocturnal activity, orange indicates dawn or dusk, and owls with yellow eyes are diurnal and hunt during the day.[citation needed] There are exceptions, however, so the colour of an owl's eyes is not in itself a reliable indicator of its active hours.

Like Naveed, I'm not suggesting the owl sighting was some kind of screen memory connected with UFOs; just a sign or communication that causes us to stop and consider our relationship with the animal realm.

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